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Explained: New rules for Animal Birth Control in India

Animal Birth Control Rules for street dog, A complete story

The Center has proposed new rules for the Animal Birth Control Rules, 2022 program that prescribes detailed procedures for the vaccination, immunization and sterilization of pets and feral/stray dogs/cats by owners and local civic authorities, respectively.

Street dog Birth Control

The bill authorizes local authorities to carry out the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program through their own veterinarians or through animal welfare organizations recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India. The new rules will amend the 2001 rules and define the responsibilities (of stakeholders at different levels) to ensure animal welfare. These rules will help fulfill the commitment of the National Action Plan for the elimination of dog-mediated rabies by 2030.

key provisions of Animal Birth Control Rules

  • These rules have been issued by the Union Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960.
  • They will be finalized after receiving suggestions from interested parties. Once notified, they will replace the existing standards framed in 2001.
  • Animal Birth Control Program: They prescribe detailed procedures for the immunization, vaccination and sterilization of pets and stray dogs/cats by owners and local civic authorities, respectively.
  • Provisions for euthanasia: Prescribed for stray dogs “incurably ill and mortally wounded.”
  • Monitoring Committee: Will decide to control the excess population of stray dogs through animal birth control programs in a specific area or region.
  • The draft rules propose animal help lines to treat dog bites and rabid dogs
  • Upon receiving complaints, such dogs will be humanely captured and kept for observation.
  • If a dog is found to have a high probability of having rabies, he would be isolated until he dies a natural death.
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Feeding of community animals

The draft Animal Birth Control Rules, 2022, have provisions for a monitoring committee to control the excess population of stray dogs. At the same time, to resolve complaints about dog bites or rabid dogs, they suggest establishing an animal helpline by local authorities.

The rules also establish the responsibility of the resident welfare associations (RWA) in the feeding of community animals in their respective localities, seeking to end the daily conflicts between said associations and dog feeders.

The rules also discuss the establishment of a sufficient number of kennels and veterinary hospital facilities at the local level, as well as the required number of vans with the necessary modifications for the safe handling and transportation of dogs and mobile operating rooms for the sterilization of animals.

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In addition, local agencies will be required to install incinerators for the disposal of organs and corpses. Security cameras should be installed throughout the facility, specifically in the operating room and shelters where animals are housed. The video surveillance log will be kept for a minimum of three months, according to the draft rules.

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