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Americans are still present in Afghanistan

Americans are still present in Afghanistan; The US State Department has said that even after the complete withdrawal of US forces from

By Ground report
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Americans are still present in Afghanistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Americans are still present in Afghanistan; The US State Department has said that even after the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, there are about 100 American citizens who are being considered for evacuation options.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US government is still in contact with the American people in Afghanistan and is being briefed on how to stay in touch after the withdrawal of US forces.

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Americans are still present in Afghanistan

"We are in contact with US citizens in Afghanistan who either chose to stay there or were unable to get out," the spokesman said at a news conference. "We're currently looking at the option of getting every American out there who wants to get out there," he said.

Price also said that after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, a new chapter is now beginning between the two countries. "Our work continues, as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said, a new chapter in the relationship with Afghanistan has begun," he said.

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He said that America will continue to help in the work of safe return of people from Afghanistan, as well as will give all possible help to reopen Kabul airport. "Now that we enter this new chapter with Afghanistan, our vision is very clear and we are focusing on that," he said. Price said that the US will continue to take diplomatic action regarding Afghanistan through Doha.

Do not trust words of Taliban: Biden

US President Joe Biden called the withdrawal of more than 120,000 US troops, Afghan civilians and other allies from Afghanistan an "extraordinary achievement" and said he could not allow the war in Afghanistan to continue.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday, 24 hours after the C-17 cargo plane carrying the last US soldier left Kabul, President Biden strongly defended his decision to end America's longest war and withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31.

According to the Associated Press, in his address to the White House, President Biden said: "I am not going to escalate this long-running war, nor am I going to prolong the withdrawal."

He took responsibility for his decision, saying: "I promised the American people that I would end this war. Today I have fulfilled that promise. "After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, I have refused to send another generation of American sons and daughters to fight."

President Biden to the Taliban since taking control of Kabul, Afghanistan has faced criticism because of the urgency of the evacuation operation.

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