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"We will not interfere in Kashmir," says Taliban leader

We will not interfere in Kashmir, The withdrawal of American and NATO troops from Afghanistan has been completely done and ends the 20

By Ground Report
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India to participate in talks with Taliban in Moscow

Ground Report | New Delhi: We will not interfere in Kashmir; The withdrawal of American and NATO troops from Afghanistan has been completely done and ends the 20 years-long war. After the withdrawal of American troops, there is an atmosphere of celebration in the Taliban camp. 

We will not interfere in Kashmir

Meanwhile, the Taliban has dealt a big blow to Pakistan's nefarious hopes and made it clear that it will not interfere in Kashmir. It has also clarified its relations with Pakistan. Anas Haqqani is the youngest son of Haqqani Network founder Jalaluddin Haqqani, speaking to CNN-News18 he said that we will not interfere in the matter of Kashmir. 

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When Anas Haqqani was questioned – Pakistan is very close to Haqqani network and it is continuously interfering in Kashmir. Will you also interfere in Kashmir to support Pakistan?- On this, he said that Kashmir is not a part of our jurisdiction and interference is against the policy. How can we go against our policy? So it is clear that we will not interfere in Kashmir.

Anas Haqqani further said that we have clarified this many times and again saying that it is just propaganda. On relations with India, he said that we want good relations with India. We don't want anyone to think wrong of us. India helped our enemy for 20 years, but we are ready to forget everything and take the relationship forward.

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India spreading negative propaganda

In response to the question that the Haqqani network is closely linked with the Pakistani ISI and the Pakistan Army. You are now part of the Government of Afghanistan. What will be your connection with him? Anas said that we struggled for twenty years. There is a lot of negative propaganda about us and it is all wrong. 

Haqqani Network is nothing. We are working for everyone. Media around the world and especially in India is spreading negative propaganda about us. This is making the environment worse. No Pakistani weapon was ever used in the war. These allegations are false and baseless.

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