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Ambulance operators charge exorbitant fares to ferry Covid patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, there were frequent complaints that many private ambulance drivers were charging arbitrary money.

Following these complaints, the Kejriwal government of Delhi has set the rates for private ambulances and has spoken of several actions on the violation of the order.

Kejriwal said in a tweet that the fare to take the patient would be Rs 1,500 per 10 km, basic life support ambulance would be Rs 2,000 per 10 km and the cost of advanced life support ambulance including a doctor would be Rs 4,000 per 10 km.

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If you go beyond ten kilometers, you will have to pay 100 rupees for every kilometer.

Satyaprakash Rana, president of the All India Ambulance Welfare Association, has criticized the decision and called it “a one-sided decision” of the government “which the government has released without talking to us.”

He says, “We have to accept this decision because he has a whip in his hand.”

Jameel called Vimal’s allegations wrong and said that he did not send any such vehicle which charged one lakh ten thousand rupees.

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He said that he has 10-12 vehicles which have no oxygen for several days and they are getting the matter investigated.

According to Jamil, the ambulance fare from Noida to Delhi is 12 thousand rupees and there is a facility of ventilator, doctor and oxygen in the ambulance.

The situation is very bad due to covid in Delhi and elsewhere. There is a shortage of oxygen, hospital beds, medicines, but there is also a huge shortage of oxygen ambulances.

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And in such a situation, there are allegations that many people are making profit by taking advantage of the opportunity and atmosphere.

The police have arrested this, created a helpline, and have also warned the common people, but the complaints continue.

Avnish Kumar of Noida also told in the conversation how middlemen are taking advantage of the opportunity. On Twitter, he wrote that he gave 11 thousand rupees to go from Sector 71 to Sector 94 within Noida.

In the conversation, he said that some people have become stoned and they are seeing this opportunity as a business opportunity, and people have no other option than to give money.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal himself tweeted giving information about this. They have also shared information about the fixed prices.

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Chief Minister Kejriwal tweeted, “It has come to our notice that private ambulance services in Delhi are recovering illegally.” 

“In view of this, the Delhi government has fixed the maximum fares for private ambulance services. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the order. ”

Now PTA (Patient Transport Ambulance) cannot take more than Rs 1500 to go 10 km. To go beyond 10 kilometers, it cannot take more than 100 rupees per kilometer.

At the same time, BSL (Basic Life Support Ambulance) cannot take more than Rs 2000 to go 10 km. To go beyond 10 kilometers, you cannot take more than Rs 100 per kilometer.

Also, ALS (Advance Life Support Ambulance) cannot take more than Rs 4000 to go 10 km. To go beyond 10 kilometers, you cannot take more than Rs 100 per kilometer.

These prices include oxygen, all ambulance equipment, PPE kits, gloves, masks, shields, sanitizers, drivers, EMTs, doctors, etc. That is, no one can ask you separately for these things.

If any of this order is violated then the ambulance driver’s license will be cancelled. Ambulance registration certificate will be cancelled. Simultaneously the train / ambulance will be confiscated.

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