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Boys Locker Room: What we know about this Instagram chat group

After the controversy of Instagram Boys Locker Room, different types of reactions are coming in social media. All you need to know.

By Ground Report
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Bois Locker room case twist

Ground Report | New Delhi

After the controversy of Boys' Locker Room, different types of reactions are coming in social media. Most believe that strict action should be taken in this matter. Now question is, Is Social Media Safe for You? Do you know what is guaranteed by your security on platforms like Instagram? What is the value of your data in view of the Instagram that is on the phone of 880 million Indians? In this news, we are telling you where your photos are being used without permission.

What is Boys’ Locker room?

Screenshots of an Instagram group chat of young Delhi boys called “boys locker room” was recently busted for glorifying gang rape. Teenaged boys have reportedly been sharing pictures of girls, some as young as 15-16, objectifying them, morphing their pictures, using abusive language, and talking about ‘gang-raping girls’.

these pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Objectionable things have been written about the girls in these pictures. These things are so objectionable that we cannot even write them. The photos are from a boys group locker room in Instagram.

In this group, not only the girls' photos are uploaded but they are also molested and vulgar comments are made on them. There is a lot of concern about the group in society due to vulgar and immoral acts about young girls. Parents-leaders and administration are full of apprehension.

Now the question arises that how did the truth of this group come to the public? Actually, this whole matter was disclosed by a girl from South Delhi. Posting on Instagram, the girl wrote.  “There is a group of boys in the age group of 17–18 in South Delhi, named 'Boys Locker Room', where photographs of young girls were being tampered with and made objectionably.

Here is what Police and Delhi Women's commission say?

DCP Anesh Rai said that action will be taken after getting information from Instagram. At the same time, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal issued notices to the Delhi Police as well as Instagram. The commission also asked Instagram to share important information such as user IDs and locations of each group member, and its administrators.

Maliwal said that all the culprits should be arrested to send out a tough message.

Swati Maliwal took to Instagram and wrote, "DCW has issued notice to Instagram and Delhi Police in the matter of a group named "boys locker room" being used by some miscreants to share objectionable pictures of minor girls and planning illegal acts such as gangrape of minor girls. All the people involved in this act should be immediately arrested and a strong message needs to be given out."

As per the Indian law, Section 507 of IPC holds them punishable for 2 years threatening a woman by any kind of anonymous communication which is also intimidating. Section 509 of IPC-3 years of imprisonment with a fine for posting sexual pictures or remarks or videos including sexual insinuations on social media.

Section 503 of IPC- 2 years of imprisonment for threatening a woman by either alarming or malign her reputation and Section 499 of IPC- 2 years of imprisonment for defaming a woman online.

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