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Air pollution: Delhi CM brings out a 15-point ‘winter action plan’

Delhi Pollution memes take over Twitter

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal discussed the “Winter Action Plan” to control pollution in the coming winters in Delhi. The Kejriwal-led government has published a 15-point agenda to tackle pollution.

In his speech, CM Arvind Kejriwal said that 18.6% of pollution has been reduced. The pollution situation has improved under his government. Also, the people of Delhi together took many measures in 7 years to control the pollution.

“A 24/7 green war room will start operating from October 3. A nine-member team of experts will constantly analyze the environment and provide a plan for the next day,” he said.

15-point plan to fight air pollution

  • Air pollution due to stubble burning remains a major concern at this time of year. A biodecomposer -prepared by the PUSA Institute- would be delivered free of charge to farmers. “This time, we would try to make sure that no farmer had to burn the stubble,” Kejriwal said.
  • “The Delhi government will install 233 anti-smog guns and 150 mobile anti-smog guns to curb pollution. The government has also developed a green room composed of nine scientific experts who will monitor the situation,” he said during a briefing. digital.
  • Use of coal and firewood, including in tandoors in hotels, restaurants, open eateries; and diesel generator sets is banned under Stage II.
  • Brick kilns, hot mix plants and stone crushers not operating on clean fuels, and mining and associated activities in NCR will also be banned under Stage III.
  • For vehicular pollution, around 380 teams have been formed to verify compliance with the PUC policy (Certificate of Pollution Under Control). Some 203 routes, often congested, have been identified, the CM said, stressing that efforts would be made to keep these routes uncongested.
  • The campaign against dust pollution will be carried out from October 6. 586 teams are formed
  • Vehicle Pollution under control certificates is now strictly verified.
  • The government had formed 611 teams to control the open burning of garbage and would carry out an anti-dust campaign.
  • Contaminated fuel was used in the industry. But now all registered industries use PNG piped natural gas.
  • The government has also formed teams to enforce the cookie ban.
  • Construction sites that are larger than 500 square meters must register with a portal to monitor dust control in real time.
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Green Delhi App

  • A 24/7 green war room would be operational from October 3, where a nine-member team of experts would conduct constant analysis to provide a plan for the next day.
  • “We made a green application in Delhi about two years ago. So far, 53,000 complaints have been received. I encourage you to continue to share your feedback on this,” the CM said.
  • 13 critical points have been identified where strict supervision would be carried out.
  •  3,500 Paryawaran Mitra were working to mitigate pollution and urged people to register to contribute to make the city pollution free.


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