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Get Backlink: Ground Report is fastly growing digital news platform in India. You can advertise with us to reach potential audience on web.

Ground Report is a fastly growing digital news platform in India. We believe in serious and responsible Journalism. We are open to advertise you on our website and to help you reach potential web audience.

Our Services

Banner Ads

To place banner advertisements on groundreport.in you can write your query to [email protected]. We will call you and discuss.

We offer you very affordable and low price advertisements on our platform.

Social campaign

We always support social campaigns and works which directly or indirectly benefits the society. We provide free space to such individuals\organisations working for a good cause. It also includes Social Organisations\committees and NGOs with a goal to serve the society in some way or the other.

Paid/Promotional Article

We are open for Paid and Promotional activities on our Website/Videos/Social Media as far as it is not violating our work ethics.


  • Ground Report also provides paid backlinks.
  • Pricing: One article with Backlink $70, Backlink in existing article $60
  • You can also get a free backlink if you give us the same on your platform.
  • For backlinks, you just have to mail us at [email protected] and you will get a reply within 6 hours.