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A triangular contest brews in Ujjain North seat, BJP denies ticket six-time MLA 

The Ujjain North Assembly Constituency is considered a stronghold BJP & won 6-time by Paras Chandra Jain's influence.

By B. Mohita
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Ujjain North Constituency Issues and Politics 2023

As home to the revered Mahakaleshwar temple, both the pride and the politics of Ujjain city and the Ujjain North Assembly seat in particular are intricately linked with the ancient temple. This is particularly significant in the run-up to the state legislative assembly elections scheduled on November 17. The Ujjain North Assembly Constituency is considered a stronghold Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). And, this is one of those few seats in the state where the Congress has won only once in the last 33 years. The Ujjain North seat is also known for now forsaken Paras Chandra Jain's influence. He has won this seat six out of seven times since 1990. 

Demography of Ujjain North Assembly Constituency 

There are a total of 221,472 voters in the Ujjain North Assembly Constituency, with 111,280 male voters, 110,169 female voters, and 23 third-gender voters. As per a local report, Ujjain North is a Brahmin-dominated constituency, with small pockets of Muslim population. The majority of the people in this region speak Hindi and Malvi language. The average literacy rate of Ujjain City is 84.43 per cent of which male and female literacy stand at 89.66 and 78.90 percent respectively.

BJP’s dominance in the constituency

Ujjain North has been predominantly held by the BJP, with the Congress winning it only once in 1998 in the last 33 years. Over the years, Congress has tried fielding different candidates opposite BJP’s Paras Chandra Jain from 2003 to 2018. And, the latter has continued his winning streak.

In the 2018 elections, a total of 9 candidates contested in Ujjain North. The total number of voters in the constituency stood at 217,652, with 111,299 male voters and 106,346 female voters. Out of this, 145,761 (67.6%) voters cast their votes, and 1,446 (0.7%) votes were for NOTA. The contest was primarily between BJP's Paras Jain and the Congress's Rajendra Bharti. Paras won with 77,271 votes, while Rajendra Bharti received 51,547 votes. The BJP won the elections with a margin of 25,724 votes.

Rajendra Bharti lost the 2018 election. A staunch supporter of Jyotiraditya Scindia, he also joined BJP after Scindia and his supporters defected to the BJP. 

Recent Developments 

The BJP on Saturday released its fifth list of candidates containing a total of 92 names. In a surprising turn of events however, former Minister and six-time MLA, Paras Chandra Jain, has been denied a ticket from the Ujjain North Assembly Constituency. Instead, a new candidate, Anil Jain Kaluheda, has been fielded from this constituency. Anil Jain Kaluheda is 59 years old and is currently associated with the BJP as an incumbent MLA.

As per a report by Hindustan, the  Ujjain North Assembly Constituency may witness the emergence of a triangular contest between the Aam Admi Party, BJP and the Congress. The Congress has nominated Maya Rajesh Trivedi, to contest this Assembly seat. It must be noted that the move severely angered ex-Congressman Vivek Yadav who left the party to join the Aam Admi party.

This move signifies the changing dynamics and competition in Ujjain's political landscape, with different parties fielding new candidates and challenging established leaders in the upcoming elections.

Aerial view of the Mahakal Lok Corridor | Photo: X/VertigoWarrior
Aerial view of the Mahakal Lok Corridor | Photo: X/VertigoWarrior

The politics behind the Mahakal Lok Corridor Development Project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Mahakal Lok corridor at Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain on October 11th. The corridor has been constructed at a cost of Rs 350 crore and is part of the first phase of the Rs 850 crore Mahakaleshwar Temple Corridor Development Project.

Mahakal Maharaj Mandir Parisar Vistar Yojna is a plan for the expansion, beautification, and decongestion of the Mahakaleshwar temple and its adjoining area in the Ujjain district.  Under the Mahakal Lok project, the temple precinct will be expanded nearly seven times. According to the Prime Minister's Office, phase I of the 'Mahakal Lok' project will help enrich the experience of pilgrims visiting the temple by providing them with “world-class modern amenities.”

Meanwhile, the Congress has claimed the scheme for the development and extension of the famous Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain was conceptualised during the Kamal Nath-led party government in 2019. The ruling BJP however, has dismissed the claim. As per a Times of India report, State Home Minister Narottam Mishra said the proposal for the Mahakal temple development was prepared way back in 2017 and its detailed project report (DPR) was ready in a period of one year when Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the CM.

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