A list of young people who died of a sudden heart attack recently

Since Covid, many such cases are coming to the fore in which people are dying suddenly due to cardiac arrest at a very young age.

Sudden cardiac arrest is rare in young people, but it can happen. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that one in 50,000 to one in 80,000 young people die of sudden cardiac arrest each year.

But many cases were seen in which healthy and fit youngsters died due to heart attacks. Every day people are writing about such cases on social media. Some people are associating it with post covid complications, while some are relating it to unhealthy lifestyles, let’s take a look at some recent cases of sudden heart attacks.

Reports of young people suddenly collapsing have increased noticeably in recent times.

Emergency calls for cardiac arrests have increased since March 2020. Cardiology experts said that the COVID-19 pandemic could also have significant consequences for the chances of survival in these situations where every second counts.

A list of young people who succumbed to a heart attack in the recent past

Josna Cotha

A young woman collapses during a family function, dies

25 Nov 2022: A 23-year-old girl (Josna Cotha) fainted and died suddenly (Heart Attack) at a wedding reception while dancing.

Josna Cotha resident of Basrur in Kundapura was attending the ceremony (prenuptial ceremony practiced by Catholics) of a relative in Havanje on the evening of Wednesday, November 23, when the incident occurred.

Rajesh Mehani

Man Dies Of Heart Attack During Puja

04 Dec 2022: A man died of a heart attack at Katni deputies while performing a Puja at a temple. The incident which happened on Thursday came to the fore after CCTV surfaced online.

In the CCTV footage, Rajesh Mehani, a devotee of Sai, is seen performing a “parikrama” of an idol in the temple. He later sits down to pray but cannot get up, which officials suspect is due to a “silent” heart. the attack he suffered.

Man dies of sudden heart attack

Gregory Joiner died suddenly from a massive heart attack shortly after receiving the Covid 19 Jab. His friends described his death as a “shock to everyone” since Gregory was known to be overall healthy and very active.

Erion Kajtazi

Death of a Young football player

At only 17 years old, the young Erion Kajtazi died following a cardiac arrest during the friendly match between Trepca 89 and KF A&N. The sad news was announced by the Kosovo Football Federation. On the field, the central midfielder, who had just turned 17, suffered a heart attack.

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He immediately received medical attention on the field, but resuscitation proved fruitless. Urgently took Kajtazi to Prizren hospital, but all help came too late there too. 

Shivangi Sharma,

Girl dies of a cardiac arrest on her wedding

On Saturday, December 3, wedding celebrations turned to mourn at Lucknow’s Malihabad, where a bride in her twenties collapsed while exchanging garlands on stage and died. Initial reports suggest the girl died of cardiac arrest.

Shivangi Sharma, daughter of Rajpal Sharma is identified as the deceased bride. She was a resident of Bhadwana village. Her marriage was fixed with a furniture craftsman, Vivek, a resident of Buddheshwar Mohalla, Lucknow.

Tik Tok star suffered a heart attack

Popular TikTok star Megha Thakur, known for her videos advocating body positivity, has died, her parents have announced. The Indian-Canadian influencer died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on November 24, her parents said in a statement posted on her official Instagram page.

Sidharth Shukla

Sidharth Shukla succumbed to a heart attack

Another fitness freak, Sidharth Shukla succumbed to a sudden heart attack on September 2 last year. A smoker, however, Sidharth had no history of heart disease.

Earlier, actress Mandira Bedi’s director husband Raj Kaushal died of cardiac arrest at the age of 49. Gujarati film actor Amit Mistry also died of a heart attack in April this year at the age of 47.

Young man dies of cardiac arrest

Pradeep Pandey Deputy Editor Dainik Bhaskar tweeted “25-26 years old nephew merged into Panchatattva today. Yesterday, there was heaviness in stomach and chest while playing cricket. Efforts were made to save him in the hospital, but he could not survive. Doctors said heart attack happened. Was a sportsman. Had a fit body. No family history either. Such tragedies are happening everyday.”

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More cases

Neil Robinson

Football Neil Robinson dies of cardiac arrest

Everton are mourning the loss of former full-back Neil Robinson after he died at the age of 65 on Thursday following cardiac arrest. Robinson was born just 100 yards from Goodison Park in 1957 and was signed professionally by the Blues aged 17, a year after starting his career as an apprentice.

The first professional footballer in the world to declare himself an ethical vegan, Neil suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Widnes on Thursday November 23.

Jackson Mohr

Jackson Mohr, 13, died suddenly of a heart attack

His parents found him unconscious in his bed and rushed him to the hospital. He died 3 days later. He won Cadet of the Year and had a bright future.

Jackson Mohr’s cause of death has been confirmed to be sudden cardiac arrest, not a heart attack or vaccine-related complications.

Sonali Phogat

Sonali Phogat TikTok star dies of a heart attack

BJP leader and actress Sonali Phogat has died. It is being said in media reports that Sonali had gone to Goa with some of her staff, where Sonali died of a heart attack. However, the exact cause of death will be known only after the postmortem report comes.

Sonali shared her picture on Twitter, and Instagram, 13 hours before this news was written. Sonali Phogat came into the discussion during the Haryana assembly elections. But there are many more layers to Sonali’s story.

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