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9% of women 15 years or older a tobacco user

9% of women 15 years or older a tobacco user

Ground Report | New Delhi: Women a tobacco user; The recently made public National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS 2019-21) found that 9 percent of girls or women aged 15 or over 15 in the country use tobacco.

Women a tobacco user

This figure of women in rural India is almost double that of the cities i.e. 10.5 percent. 5.4% of women in the city use tobacco. However, the number of women drinking alcohol in the country was only 1.3 percent in this age group.

At the same time, the number of men who use tobacco in the country was found to be 38 percent. The number of such men was 42.7 percent in villages and 28.8 percent in cities.

About 19 percent of men in the same age group account for alcohol consumption. Among the drinkers, 19.9 percent live in villages and 16.5% in cities.

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When women aged 30 to 49 were asked if they had ever had a screening test for cervical cancer, the survey found only 1.9% of women responded positively. The percentage was even lower when the women were asked if they had ever had a breast test for breast cancer. The percentage was 1.2% in urban areas and 0.7% in rural areas. Overall it came down to just 0.9%.

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overweight or obese

A significantly higher 56.7% have a high-risk waist-to-hip ratio. The percentage of men who are overweight or obese has increased to 22.9% in NFHS-5, compared to 18.9% in NFHS-4. The percentage of men with a high-risk waist-to-hip ratio is 47.7%.

NFHS-5 reflects information gathered across multiple indicators from 6,36,699 households, 7,24,115 women and 1,01,839 men. The fieldwork for India has been conducted in two phases: the first phase from June 2019 to the end of January 2020 and the second phase from January 2020 to the end of April 2021. Last year, data was released on 17 states and five union territories and now data on 11 states and three states have been excluded along with the India factsheet.

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