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7 ways to promote a winning political campaign

By Pallav Jain
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7 ways to promote a winning political campaign

Are you gearing up to build a strong political campaign for upcoming elections? Running a successful political campaign is like running any business, using the right promotional strategies is essential to reach the widest audience. Plus, to make your promotional efforts successful, there needs to be a strong plan of action to target your intended audience and beyond. 

The mark of a successful campaign is when it combines both online and offline ways of getting the word out. Along with making use of social media, running ads and campaigns online, don’t underestimate the power of traditional marketing methods like door-to-door promotion. Successful political campaigns are holistic, making sure to inform people about their manifesto and ideology through every channel possible. 

Once you have the basics of your political campaign sorted - such as the story behind your campaign, your mission and future plans, why you believe you are the best candidate - it’s time to develop strong ways to communicate these plans. 

Ready to promote your political campaign? Let’s get started:

1- Build a strong online presence

Think of your online presence as your brand story - what is the main story you want to communicate to your audience upon first glance? Use this to guide the details you publish on your website- what is your message? Is this easily visible and understandable for any person visiting your website? Is it user-friendly?

Make sure to include information about your stance on important issues concerning your audience group, and more importantly, have clear channels of how voters can get involved with your campaign and show their support. 

Publish your campaign flyers online as well, this would help know essential information about your campaign and how voters can support your campaign. It’s essential to make your flyers stand out visually by using clear visuals, colors and text. Use online websites like PosterMyWall that make it easy to make dynamic, high-quality campaign promotional material and create different promotional content easily.

Additionally, like any strong online presence, social media marketing is an essential part of sharing your message, views, and interacting with your audience instantly. Use different platforms to deliver your message in dynamic ways and reach various demographics. 

Use LinkedIn to communicate how your campaign and visions will benefit businesses and professionals. Twitter is a great platform to publish instant updates about your campaign and views to keep your audience in the loop. Create bite-sized videos about your campaign for Facebook and Instagram for a wide age group, which can also be shared by your supporters easily. 

Lastly, to keep your online presence active, make sure to post regularly, share relevant news, and engage with your supporters meaningfully.

2- Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to send out long form content to reach potential supporters and inform them about your campaign. The biggest advantage of email marketing is that you can publish pre-planned emails and use it to slowly feed information about your campaign over time as you get closer to the election date. 

You have a lot of room for creativity in how you share information about your agenda with email marketing. For example, you can email weekly newsletters showcasing all the milestones you have achieved and how these efforts benefited people. Share your personal views, completed missions, progress on on-going projects, which all come together to build a strong message to support your campaign. 

3- Attend local events

Along with your online efforts, your real on-ground presence will tip the scales in your favor as supporters see you engaging with the community. There are many ways for you to connect with your citizens in your community - host rallies, attend local networking or community gatherings. You can even arrange for meet-and-greets to hear your community concerns on a personal level and discuss important issues with your voters. 

In these events, make sure that you have your campaign promotional material handy. Hand out material like campaign brochures, flyers, manifestos to people you meet along the way. Gestures like these go a long way in connecting with your supporters, plus, your voters will appreciate your efforts to listen to be on-ground and available. 

4- Host fundraisers

A critical component of any political campaign is fundraising. Fundraising is essential to sustain your campaign in the long run and continue to grow. As you prepare for a fundraising event, make use of both online and offline methods to create hype and get people excited to attend. 

More importantly, you want to reach out specifically to the biggest donors you are hoping to attract for your campaign. Target your messaging in a way that aligns with concerns of potential donors and convince them to support your movement. On ground, make sure to provide refreshments and campaign merchandise that can be purchased on the spot. 

For successful fundraisers, having multiple donation channels is key. Set up both online and offline methods of donating funds with various booths/information stalls that help to route people. Remember to double check and ensure if all functions are running smoothly, and keep your support team at the ready to ensure seamless transactions. 

Post a fundraiser, keep your donors informed about all the ways their support and contribution towards impacting the community and forwarding your vision. You can do this via emails or social media which would help gain trust with your supporters and expand your reach. 

5- Targeted ads

Your political campaign probably targets different groups which have concerns of their own. For example, working professionals would be concerned with policies regarding the workplace and employee benefits. Another group you are targeting may be environment enthusiasts and they would be passionate to know your plans for building sustainable environmental practices in the community. 

Based on these different interest groups, use online platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram to target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and locations. You wouldn’t want to work hard on creating promotional content only to send it out to a general audience that isn’t likely to be very interested in what you have to say. 

Which is why, tailoring your marketing content according to the different audiences you are targeting will be far more effective in getting the response you want from your supporters, as well as, make your marketing efforts worthwhile. Just make sure to use concise messaging and compelling visuals to make your ads visually appealing and catch your audience's eye. 

6- Engage with volunteers

Volunteers are an integral resource for your political campaign and have several benefits for running a wide-reaching campaign. Working with, and managing volunteers should not be taken lightly - in fact, volunteers also play a big role in spreading word of mouth about your campaign and their experience in working with your campaign will reflect on your role as a campaign leader as well. 

Growing your volunteers also means you are able to reach more people as there are more team members to make phone calls, go door to door, and engage with voters. Provide your volunteers with training sessions and support to make their time a fruitful learning experience as well. Most importantly, take steps to meet and speak with your volunteers as well as recognize their hard work and effort.  

7- Partner with local media

Local media outlets like newspapers, television, and radio stations, are still an effective and important way to reach voters. Invite local reporters to your press conferences or offer them exclusive access to your campaign event or interviews. Local media channels play an important part in influencing local communities and are important information courses for potential voters to access and make a decision about their candidate choice. 

Look into paid advertising locally as well, for example billboards, newspaper and local magazine ads. This is a great way to expand your reach and establish yourself as the popular choice within your locality. 

Get promoting

And that’s it - running a political campaign successfully is definitely a lot of hard work and requires consistency to publish content that keeps your campaign at the top of your supporters minds. 

We’ve outlined a few major ways for you to try put as you set on the journey to promote your political campaign. Remember to track results of your efforts, whether they are online or offline, and make changes accordingly.

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