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7 psychological tricks to help close your student debt

7 psychological tricks to help close your student debt

Trouble in your studies? Nothing motivates you? Here are 7 ways to pull yourself together and fix the situation.

Get rid of meaningless communication on the web

First of all, this applies to chats in messengers and social networks. Distracting messages over and over again engage in correspondence and take away precious hours. Need to discuss something important? Make a phone call – it will save a lot of time.

Keep getting distracted by incoming notifications? Install an app that locks your smartphone screen and no one will disturb you for a set amount of time.

For Android:

  • YourHour;
  • Stay Focused;
  • SocialX;
  • Usage Time.

For iOS:

  • Moment – Screen Time Control;
  • Screen-Free Timer – digital detox & focus training;
  • OFFTIME: Unplug and disconnect;
  • Freedom – Block Distractions.

Surround yourself with successful people

It is human nature to adopt the behavior patterns of those around you. If you’re surrounded by sourpusses and nerds who aren’t trying to do anything about their situation, the same lifestyle likely awaits you. But it also works the other way around.

Start to communicate with those who achieve their goals through persistence and hard work. As a rule, such people have strong energy. Worth making friends with such a person, not a week later, you want to engage in self-development – read books on psychology, go to fitness training or enroll in programming courses. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired and taking an example.

And as for problems with studying, surely your friend will share his personal experience. Useful advice always comes in handy.


Do you want to compete for the title of the ablest and most promising student in your group, and at the same time ruffle the nerves of already established honors students? And they, and your intellectual capacity at about the same level, otherwise you would not have studied at the same university. So there is a chance to win!

Of course, to declare “war” in the open would be foolish. But an unspoken competition is just the thing! A fighting spirit and unwillingness to give in – that is what are needed on the eve of important tests.

Take breaks to think

Let’s simulate the situation to make it clearer what we are talking about. Let’s say you need to write an essay. For many people, the reasoning format is a real pain. The main thing, in this case, is to just start.

Write the first sentence. Stumped? Make some tea or stand on the balcony. While you’re doing this, which is automatic, think about how to develop the idea further. When you return to writing, state everything that came into your head while you were “resting. Pause as often as your brain requires.If that still didn’t help, it’s time to think about who can write an essay for me to meet the deadline.  

Make a wager

Sometimes nothing is as motivating as a bet with, say, one of your closest friends. The condition can be anything: to close all debts on the study until a certain number, to finish the session without retakes, or to get an increased scholarship – the main thing that it was not in your favor. As a prize, you can choose something material or not. The main thing is that everything should be within the law and ethics.

Think about what your inactivity is worth

The college years are the optimal age for learning new things and making acquaintances. Your cognitive capacity is at its limits. That’s why many young people start their careers before they even graduate (as long as their knowledge is fresh and their minds are sharp and there are no family worries).

In addition, combining studies and work helps to develop a very sought-after quality these days – multitasking.

Just think how much, by not acting right now, you are missing out? Your first money, shopping in premium stores, moving to a modern and comfortable home… What if you are separated from these benefits only by an incomplete term project or failed test? Once you’re done with that, you can get on with your career plans. Big victories start with small steps!

Make a plan with goals and objectives

In this case, it’s about plans for this session. Define your goals. For example, one of them may sound like this: to pass the exam in foreign literature. Let’s figure out what it takes – these will be our objectives (conventionally):

  • read 20 novels;
  • learn 30 biographies;
  • study 25 paragraphs of academic literature, etc.

Each unit (novel/biography/paragraph) is a subtask. Your goal is to distribute the number of subtasks over the days that are in reserve. Break down the subtasks into items, if necessary.

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