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6 simple tips for getting a good night's sleep

Many people try to get a good rest after a long day Sleep are several simple tips that must be done to get a good rest at night. 

By Ground Report
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6 simple tips to get a quiet and comfortable sleep at night

Ground Report | New Delhi: Many people try to get a good rest after a long day. Whether at work or on routine tasks, and in order to fully regain energy and activity. It is very important to pay attention to the body's position during sleep . And sleep should be healthy because it will contribute to a good mood the next day. There are several simple tips that must be done to get a good rest at night. 

Sleeping on the back 

We often need to get used to sleeping on our backs, and the good thing is that this pose has several advantages. Your spine straightens while your body relaxes without any stress or pressure. 

It is known that increased tension in the neck area can lead to headaches. Also, sleeping on your back can help not only maintain your health but also your beauty. As research has proven that sleeping with your face on the pillow contributes to the appearance of gravitational wrinkles. That do not occur when sleeping on your back.

In order to make sleeping in this position more comfortable, be sure to use an orthopedic pillow.

Extra pillow to relax the spine 

It is good and healthy to sleep on your back, but in order to maintain the correct position, you will need a very hard surface, to reduce the load even more, place a small pillow under your knees.

This will help you maintain the natural curve in your neck and back.

Sleeping without a pillow 

Scientists say that sleeping on the stomach makes the spine take an unnatural position, and the pillow in this case worsens the situation.

And to reduce stress while sleeping in this position, it is best to fall asleep on a flat surface. 

In general, sleeping on the stomach is the least healthy position for the body.

A thin pillow may be placed under the abdomen and thighs, which will help maintain the normal position of the spine. ALSO READ: Days before wedding, Anas loses her fiancée after bombing in Gaza

Also try using a flat pillow for your head and consider sleeping without a pillow at all.

Cuddle pillow 

It is more beneficial to sleep on your side if you use an extra pillow, as it creates additional support for the body, thus removing tension in the groin and waist.

The pillow that fills the space between the body and the mattress restores the normal position of the spine.

Fetal pose position 

This position has its advantages, as thanks to the right curve upward, the joints open up, and the position of the fetus can be beneficial for people with a herniated disc.

In any case, it is best to consult a doctor first. ALSO READ: All you need to know about vacuum bomb used to destroy buildings in Gaza

sleeping together 

It's always a good idea to fall asleep hugging your loved one, as according to studies, people connected with a stronger, healthier relationship sleep.

Hugging promotes the production of oxytocin, which reduces arterial pressure, meaning there is less risk of cardiovascular disease.

Of course, sleeping together creates a sense of intimacy and increases the level of trust between people.

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