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5 Reasons to Pursue IT

5 Reasons to Pursue IT

Reasons to Pursue IT: Living in the 21st century, everything is incomplete without information technology. IT is a domain that is literally and figuratively running the world. An industry with a CAGR set to increase 14% by the year 2023, is growing continually day after day. IT professionals are recruited in multinationals to solve problems and give out solutions that are technologically advanced and help the world grow at an unexpected pace. With an average salary of INR 3 LPA to 8 LPA, IT as an industry has been attracting students all over India at an alarming rate. Be it the higher returns or the tech-savvy population, students are predominantly choosing IT over other majors. Keep on reading to know more!

  1. Variety of Courses to choose from

Choosing a field like IT opens up a lot of choices and levels like undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels of studies. Most of the engineering colleges in Mumbai offer a multitude of professional courses in the IT domain. Colleges like TERNA Nerul also offer a wide variety of certifications in IT like digital marketing, python, machine learning, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and a lot more. Information technology as a field is demanding in terms of creativity, perseverance, analyzing, and technicality, out of the most.

Let’s look at the various subdomains and disciplines taught under information technology:

  • Java programming
  • Software engineering
  • Analysis and design of algorithms
  • Data science and machine learning
  • Data structures
  • Database management systems
  • Multimedia applications
  • Engineering mathematics

2.  Availability of IT Colleges in India

Abundance of IT Colleges in India makes it a highly demanding field to choose from. India, as a country, is not just famous for having highly ranked government IT colleges but also private colleges which offer equally excellent education and academics. Most of the engineering colleges in Mumbai offer students an exceptional education in the field of information technology. Colleges like TERNA Nerul are famous for providing students with academic opportunities in the IT domain which are totally out of the box.

3. Scope

IT as a domain offers an unparalleled scope not just in India but internationally as well. Students have a bunch of diverse career options to choose from. BE Colleges in Navi Mumbai, in their placement drives, help students get placed in job profiles like software engineers, software developers, project managers, and others. Colleges like TERNA Nerul offer an average salary of INR 3 – 5 LPA to their IT graduates.

Given below are the average salaries offered to IT professionals in India:

Job profileAverage Salary Offered (in INR)
Senior software engineer6.5 – 8 LPA
Software engineer3 – 4.5 LPA
Team leader8 – 10 LPA
Software developer3.5 – 5 LPA
Project manager10 – 13 LPA
IT Consultant6.5 – 8 LPA
Senior software developer6.5 – 8 LPA

The top recruiters in the field of Information Technology are given below:

  • Infosys
  • IBM
  • Dell
  • Amazon
  • Oracle
  • Intel
  • Accenture
  • ZS Associates
  • Microsoft
  • HCL Infotech

4. Highly in Demand

Information Technology is an industry that is changing rapidly, IT professionals are in demand at every stage of a business process per se. Engineering colleges in Mumbai like TERNA Nerul train their IT students to adapt to every situation in their professional lives as the IT industry is very unpredictable and the trends keep on changing abruptly.

Some of the upcoming and ever-changing trends in the IT industry are listed below:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Data collection and analysis
  • Blockchain: Helping systems get transparency at every chain of a larger process
  • Cyber security: Data security and protection
  • Artificial Intelligence combined with machine learning: streamlined workflow and cost

5. Readily available online courses

IT as a domain offers a variety of sub-disciplines to choose from. A myriad of information technology courses is available online to choose from, as well. A lot of online educational sites like udemy, coursera, alison, and even Google provide students with online IT courses.

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