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5 eco friendly shoes to buy online if you care for environment

Eco friendly shoes; From eco-friendly sneakers to vegan heels, here's a list of five brands that Thred considers the best names

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5 eco friendly shoes to buy online if you care for environment

From eco-friendly sneakers to vegan heels, here's a list of five brands that Thred considers the best names in sustainable footwear right now. When we think about the ways we can positively impact the planet and the current climate crisis, many things come to mind: from getting rid of single-use items to reducing car travel.

However, there is something that is not usually contemplated and that is the clothes we wear, this implies both hats and shoes. The latter, due to their difficult management as waste and the fact that today there is a greater focus on sustainable purchases, have given way to the choice of ecological footwear that can be of great help to the planet.

With shoes being one of the most wasteful retail items to produce, it makes sense that shoe brands would want to start thinking more sustainably given our current climate crisis.

Alarmingly, of the 23 billion pairs of shoes made each year, 300 million are thrown away. And, to make matters worse, it takes three to four decades for them to completely break down in a landfill, as they are often made from virgin plastic, rubber, and petroleum.

What is sustainable footwear? 

Eco-friendly shoes, sneakers and boots made with fewer materials or environmentally sustainable materials are gaining popularity as people become more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. When looking for sustainable footwear, it is crucial to examine the materials used in its construction. Some examples of sustainable natural materials include bamboo, cork, organic cotton, and natural rubber.

Furthermore, sustainable shoes are made from recycled materials, such as old shoes, tires or plastic bottles, which do not require new raw materials to be produced. Sustainable footwear must also have minimal negative environmental effects during their design, manufacturing and maintenance life cycles.

Why should you consider buying sustainable shoes?

Choosing sustainable footwear can have a significant impact on the environment, and there are several reasons why it's a good choice. By choosing to buy eco-friendly shoes, you are taking a step towards reducing your carbon footprint and saving resources.

Sustainable footwear is typically made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles or old tires, that would otherwise end up in landfills. This reduces the amount of waste produced during its production and prevents harmful chemicals from being released into the air.

Compared to traditional shoemaking methods, sustainable shoemaking generates less e-waste, making it a more environmentally friendly option. By choosing sustainable footwear, you're doing your part to help fight climate change and promote a healthier planet.

Sustainable shoe brands in India

Therefore, we present some aspects to consider when buying shoes.

A Big Indian Story

eco friendly shoes a big indian story
Eco friendly shoes. Source: A Big Indian Story shoe website

As veganism gains traction in the country, the lifestyle is inspiring not only dietary changes, but also the way people shop. a great indian story are a PETA approved vegan sustainable fashion brand. Our products are designed with cruelty-free and environmentally friendly materials.

The brand focused on the environment, the planet and its living beings. Each product is created from cruelty-free and sustainable materials handcrafted by artisans. We work directly with groups of artisans, to assure them a fair price for their skills and to help support and maintain their crafts.

Buy: abigindianstory.com


eco friendly shoes allbirds
Eco friendly shoes. Source: ALL BIRDS website

This footwear brand brings together the natural, the recycled and the reused in its sneakers, slippers and high-tops. All Birds shoes are made from New Zealand Merino wool.

Priorities of All Birds shoe brand is reducing our environmental impact. Allbirds is a line of sustainable footwear that uses various natural materials for more sustainable and comfortable footwear. His classic shoe, the Wool Runner, has a wool upper and a midsole made from sugarcane-based EVA foam.

Buy: Allbirds.com


eco friendly shoes neemans
Eco friendly shoes. Source: Neemans website

Made with natural and sustainable materials, these shoes from Neemans are the best and most comfortable pair of shoes. Every product you receive from Neeman's is made from natural, renewable and sustainable materials that not only contribute to the environment, but are also designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Buy: Neemans.com


eco friendly shoes paaduks
Eco friendly shoes. Source: Paaduk website

Shoe manufacturing can be very wasteful if resources are not used to their full potential. Paaduk stumbled upon a unique idea: to take a modern and eco-friendly step towards a better future by creating stylish and comfortable footwear out of old discarded tires. We dedicated our efforts to fulfill this purpose and as a result, our labor of love, Paaduks, was born.

Buy: paaduks.com


eco friendly shoes  green sole
Eco friendly shoes. Source: Greensole website

Greensole is an ethical and self-sufficient footwear brand. Its goal is to prevent old shoes from reaching landfills, provide recycled footwear to those in need, and create employment for women in India.

While upcycling old shoes and recycling to donate, they have a series of trendy eco-friendly and vegan footwear up for grabs on their online store.

The vison of Greensole to contribute to social good, by creating a self-sustaining infrastructure that facilitates the provision of the basic necessity of footwear to everyone, forever, environmental good, by refurbishing discarded shoes with zero carbon footprint and economic good by giving employment to refurbish shoes.

Buy: Greensole.com 

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