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5 Best AI Photo Apps to convert your picture into Anime Character

Anime Character App; Currently, there are many apps that allow you to turn your cell phone photos into drawings.

By Ground report
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5 Best AI photo app to convert your picture into Anime Character

Currently, there are many apps that allow you to turn your cell phone photos into drawings. One of them is causing a sensation on social networks, since it can ' transform' the people who appear in the images into anime characters. In this story, we are going to show you what tools you can use for such a purpose.

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Anime is a genre that has transcended borders and is very popular even in India. In this way, the elements related to it have a great reception on social networks through various content creation trends.

Next, we share the list of some applications that you can download on your phone and without making any payment.

Photo to Anime by Image Upscaler

Upscaler image to anime

This Photo to Anime online tool uses advanced AI to anime your pictures in seconds, perfect for personalizing selfies or portraits. Ensures that the original emotions and features in your photos are retained in the anime transformation. Photo to Anime free for up to 5 images per month without login, supporting various photo types and formats like JPEG, PNG, or WEBP. it is user-friendly to access the platform on both web and mobile browsers.

Anime Manga Camera

The app creates photos using stickers and allows you to add anime-style eyes, mouths, ears, hair, and other accessories. You can also insert text labels to make it resemble a manga.

anime manga camera

The platform also allows you to draw on the photos, automatically remove the background of the original image and customize it with some of the available designs. It is available for iOS and Android.

Anime Face Changer

The service uses the photos from your gallery and you can add stickers of hair, eyes, skin color, mouth, background and more. Also, you can opt for filters, rotate the image, zoom in or out, add frames and more. It is available for Android.

anime face changer

Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

You will be allowed to place the faces in popular animes like “Naruto”, “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece” and other series. Like the rest of the options, the operation focuses on the shots in your gallery.

Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

It has editing tools to crop or adjust tones to images. It is available for iOS and Android.

Moment Cam

The platform has tools to create custom caricatures, avatars, and animated emojis. In addition, it is possible to customize the background of the selected photos.

Moment Cam

Once the image to be modified has been chosen or a photo has been taken from the integrated camera app, it is possible to customize the avatar by choosing glasses, skin color, hair, aesthetics and much more. It can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play.


StarryAI is an automatic AI image generator that converts images into NFTs. It can process images with machine learning algorithms and does not require any input from the user.


You can modify and add the backgrounds of the images, either using the templates that the system has or creating your own design. It is compatible with Apple and Google mobile operating systems.


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