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16 AMU teachers dies from covid in 20 days

In the last 20 days, 16 teachers of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) have died. The death of two faculty members on Friday, the figure

By Ground report
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AMU fears new type of covid-19 in Aligarh, after death of 18 professors

In the last 20 days, 16 teachers of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) have died. The death of two faculty members on Friday, the figure has gone up to 16, while in the same 20 days, 10 retired faculty members have also died.

16 employees are currently undergoing treatment in the covid ward of the university hospital Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, including teachers.

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According to AMU spokesperson Shafai Kidwai, Professor Shabab Ahmed Khan (58), chairman of the Department of Medicine and Professor Rafiqul Zama Khan (55) of the Department of Computer Science, died on Friday.

Former Secretary of AMU Teachers Association and EC Member Prof. Aftab Alam has prepared a list of these teachers who have left the world. Among them, former professor Prof. Jamshed, Siddadiki, Prof. of Sunni Theology Department. Ehsanullah Fahd, Prof. of Urdu Department. 

Maulana Bakhs Ansari, Prof. of Post Harvesting Engineering Department. Mo. Ali Khan, Prof. of Department of Political Science Qazi, Mohammed Jamshed, Prof. Molyjat Department Chairman. Mo. Younus Siddadiki, Ilful Adavia Department Chairman Gufram Ahmed, Psychology Department Chairman Prof. Sajid Ali Khan, Dr. Mohammad Irfan, Chairman of Department of Musicology, Dr. Aziz Faisal of Center for Women's Studies, Mohammad Saiduzzaman of University Polytechnic, Assistant Professor of History, Jibrail, Former Chairman of Sanskrit Department Prof. Khalid bin Yusuf and Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Ansari of the English Department. 

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Pro. Aftab Alam has said that this is a very bad phase for the university. This has never happened before when people associated with the university have died in such a large number. 

On Wednesday, the famous Sanskrit Scholar and former Chairman of the Sanskrit Department, Professor Khalid bin Yusuf (56) died. He was the first Muslim scholar to get a doctorate degree in the Rigveda.

According to information released by the Public Relations Office of AMU, Prof. Khalid bin Yusuf was the first Muslim scholar in the world to have a PhD in the Rigveda. 

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The chairman of the Sanskrit department of AMU, Prof. Mo. Sharif has denied this. He says that Prof. of Delhi University Mo. Israel Khan was the first Muslim to have a PhD in the Rigveda. Prof. who did PhD on Rigveda at AMU. Khalid bin Yusuf was the first person.

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