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Home » Zuckerberg used to come to White House to kiss my a**: Donald Trump 

Zuckerberg used to come to White House to kiss my a**: Donald Trump 

Zuckerberg used to come to White House to kiss my a**: Donald Trump 

Ground Report | New Delhi: Zuckerberg used to come to White House; Donald Trump says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will come to the White House and ‘kiss his a**’ during the year he served as commander-in-chief. The former POTUS claimed Krauss while talking about his social media ban in an interview with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News on Thursday night.

Trump was a prolific user of Facebook and Twitter before being booted from the platform back in January for violating their content policies following the Capital riots.

‘We are suing Twitter, Facebook, Google. We are suing them all, a class action suit. Whoever wants to get involved, please get involved,’ Trump told Gutfeld. “These people are sick,” he added, before directly referencing Zuckerberg.

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‘He used to come to the White House for a kiss of my a** and I want to say, “Oh, that’s cool. I’m the head of Facebook coming up with his beautiful wife [Priscilla Chan].” ‘They come and they have dinner with me at the White House. And then you see what they do about me and the Republicans [blocking them from Facebook] and it’s just crazy. But this is how the world works.

Trump also defended Twitter during his sit-down with Gutfeld, claiming he helped turn the site into a success. ‘You know when I went to Twitter 12 years ago [it] was a failed operation. And it turned out to be successful and a lot of people said I had a lot to do with it,’ he declared.

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‘When they took me off, I had over 100 million people. And then if you add Facebook and everything else, that’s over 200 million people. this is too much. You become zero from 200 million people overnight.’ The former president says he believes the social media site is now ‘boring’ without his controversial contributions.

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