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Why Sabyasachi is going to loose luxury status soon?

Why Sabyasachi is going to loose luxury status; Sabyasachi x H&M Collection, the bridal couturier's debut as a high street designer, is all

By Ground Report
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Why Sabyasachi is going to loose luxury status soon

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Sabyasachi is going to loose luxury status; Sabyasachi x H&M Collection, the bridal couturier's debut as a high street designer, is all set to launch after a long wait. Swedish retail giant H&M is collaborating with an Indian designer like Sabyasachi Mukherjee for an international capsule that will be available in multiple countries, a perfect example of how global the world has become.

“Due to the complexities of the COVID-19 situation, we had to put the launch on hold, but I look forward to bringing this 'ready-to-wear' collection that will bring sophistication to the comfort of everyday life. Glamorous style,” says Sabyasachi.

Why Sabyasachi is going to loose luxury status

If there is one fashion designer who can be crowned as the heir to Indian couture, the only person who comes to mind is Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Known as the master of aesthetics, he has not only revolutionized the industry with the essence of his artistry but is also celebrated on the global stage.

H&M comes with a hazy past. From unfair workplace environments to unethical production, collaboration has surprised many. Not that the retail chain is any different from other mass-production houses, but Sabyasachi's idea of ​​demoralizing all its labels has certainly raised eyebrows.

H&M has been criticized for its ethical work environment and sustainable policies. As a fast-fashion series, there's no way it's going to be like a designer producing fifty outfits for a particular season. It is a manufacturing unit that hosts consumers from all over the world.

Sabyasachi can rightly be called a domestic luxury brand. As well-known couture it is also told that she has sacrificed a lot not to lose focus from her work, for the fact that every time the company's business grows, it means more people got employed. He calls it his proudest achievement.

In contrast, is H&M was named for its labour issues. According to a report by Good On You, “In 2018, the factories that supply H&M were named in a Global Labour Justice report detailing abuses of female apparel workers. Labour rights organizations such as the Clean Clothes Campaign pointed out that H&M has not fulfilled its 2013 promise of paying 850,000 workers living wages by 2018.

How its partnership with H&M will affect its status

This partnership is a detriment to the ongoing movement around the world. It is a disservice to Indian artisans. It is a detriment to the rich heritage and slo-fashion that most of the people of India still depend on their tailors and local shops to sell them traditional clothes and sew their clothes by hand.

Possibly the Indian luxury icon sells to a fast fashion house known for its unethical business practices, poor quality tailoring, and plastic fibers, which is clearly a disservice to the Indian fashion industry.

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Sabyasachi is a franchise in its prime – over the years, the designer has been looking for partnerships and investments globally to grow the brand.

Impact India's vision to become global brand

Sabyasachi was known until this partnership, patronizing Indian artisans, creating high-quality clothing that the richest brides would wear for their big day and sourcing authentic silk from weaving groups. This partnership sits at the very opposite end of the spectrum of everything the brand does. And it's not what you expect to see from industry leaders.

This move and The partnerships are coming soon. Unfortunately, the brand is going to the highest level of its luxury status. Perhaps it is important to note that the Aditya Birla Group, a domestic Indian mass retailer, owns a 51% stake in the Sabyasachi brand since January 2021, which they bought for $3.9B. Did you know this? Now it looks like it's all right? Why do they need to be diluted?

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Sabyasachi represents Indian tradition and artistry in Global Market

The designer, whose bridal pieces are worn by India's billionaire heirs and Bollywood superstars, has created a luxury brand that is set to generate $35 million in revenue in 2019.

Sabyasachi is India's most sought-after bridal designer, chosen by Bollywood superstars and billionaire heirs - and thousands of others - to dress them up for the most momentous occasion of their lives, and a public statement of their partnership and wealth Can give

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