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Why is '#NoPoliticsInUniversity' is trending? A complete story

Why No Politics In University is trending; The state legislature passed the Maharashtra Public Universities (Third Amendment)

By Ground report
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Why No Politics In University is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why No Politics In University is trending; The state legislature passed the Maharashtra Public Universities (Third Amendment) Act, 2021 on Tuesday, which proposes to appoint the minister of higher and technical education as pro-chancellor and introduces changes to the process for appointment of vice-chancellor.

However, on Monday a special discussion program was organized on Vidyapeeth Vikas Manch to oppose the state government's decision to amend the 'Maharashtra Public Universities Act' and introduce a new 'pro-chancellor' post which will be the minister higher and technical education in the state, reported the Hindustan Times.

The Law establishes the procedure and prescribes the term for requesting permission to open a new university or start a new course, subject, faculty or an additional division. Under the Act, the management intending to start a new college must submit a proposal to the university.

Professor Vidyasagar Pandit, former Vice-Chancellor of Nanded University, said: “Affordable quality education is needed for students who come from rural backgrounds and below the poverty line. If the autonomous powers of universities are reduced, the quality of education will also be affected. And it will further increase political interference in the functioning of the university.”

Professor Murlidhar Chandekar, Vice-Chancellor of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, said: “Creating a new position above Vice-Chancellors and giving it powers in political decision-making is unacceptable. Also, why is it that only the minister of higher education of the state will only fill that position? The academic agenda must not become a political agenda while state universities are administered and we must oppose it together”.

“There is no need to create such a position and allow the rights to be reserved with the state government. Vice-Chancellors are the authority for academic and administrative decisions in the university and the amendment, if it comes into force, will knock their teeth out,” said Professor RS Mali, former Vice-Chancellor of the then University of Pune (Savitribai Phule Pune University).

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