Why everyone is Praising Rahul Gandhi’s Speech in Parliament?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi’s Speech in Parliament; Rahul Gandhi, leader of the Indian National Congress in Chennai on 2nd February 2022, gave a fiery speech on Budget in Parliament. He said that Union Budget for 2022-23 is a “zero-sum budget”, saying it has nothing for the salaried, middle class and the poor.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha during the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address, he said the address to a joint sitting of Parliament didn’t touch the central challenges facing the country and was a “list of bureaucratic ideas” instead of a strategic vision.

He started his speech by mentioning that India is divided into two parts basically we have two India’s, one of the rich and the other of the poor. That other India, which is of the poor, was barely represented in the media as a whole on the days following the economic survey and the budget.

He also in his speech alleged that the Central government has made a fundamental mistake in its foreign policy and has brought Pakistan and China together.

His speech was appreciated by the public and became so viral on social media platforms. Rahul Gandhi in his speech gave more emphasis on Tamil Nadu. He said that, there are two visions of this country.

One vision is that it is a union of states, meaning it is a negotiation, meaning it is a conversation, meaning I go to my brother in Tamil Nadu and I say, ‘what do you want?’ and he says, ‘this is what I want’. He then asks me ‘what do you want?’ and I say ‘this is what I want’.

“It is like a partnership –it is not a kingdom. You will never, ever in your entire life, rule over the people of Tamil Nadu. It can’t be done,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Moreover, when he came out of Parliament while replying to one of the journalists’ questions on why he spoke about Tamil Nadu, Rahul said, ‘I am also Tamil’. This statement simply won the hearts of the people of Tamil Nadu

After his speech went viral, Chief Minister MK Stalin thanked Rahul Gandhi on Twitter for “voicing the long-standing arguments of Tamils in the Parliament.”

It also drew a sharp reaction from BJP State unit chief K Annamalai, who slammed Rahul Gandhi and said “Congress is in ICU” in the State.  The Congress leader’s speech also sparked a pitched social media battle between Twitterati (users of Twitter) on both sides of the political spectrum.

“Dear @RahulGandhi, I thank you on behalf of all Tamils for your rousing speech in the Parliament, expressing the idea of the Indian Constitution in an emphatic manner. You have voiced the long-standing arguments of Tamils in the Parliament, which rest on the unique cultural and political roots that value Self Respect,” Stalin said.

“You have voiced the long-standing arguments of Tamils in the Parliament, which rest on the unique cultural and political roots that value Self Respect,” he added.

Right-wing activists recalled the last phase of the Eelam War which left thousands of Tamils killed while Left-wing supporters hit back saying if Congress is in ICU, the BJP is in the mortuary. The tweets of Stalin and Annamalai and the video of Rahul Gandhi’s speech were shared and liked by thousands on social media.

Rahul’s speech managed to force a response from the BJP leadership. If social media buzz is any indication, the Congress leader’s speech was watched over 1.6 million times in just five hours, pointed out a user on Twitter.

Rahul’s speech also invoked a response from his old party colleague and Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma who said “high command mindset is INC’s be all and end all and the people of India know it well”.

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