Why #BoycottWalgreens is trending in US?

Why #BoycottWalgreens is trending in US?

Walgreens is facing pushback and boycott threats after the multi-story chain announced it will no longer sell abortion pills in its stores.

Walgreens’ controversial decision comes as the battle over abortion access in the US continues across the country following the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe vs Wade in June of last year, a crucial move that reversed five decades of precedent.

According to POLITICO, nearly two dozen Republican state attorneys general wrote to Walgreens last month, threatening legal action against the drugstore chain if it began distributing abortion pills.

The list includes several states where abortion in general, and medications in particular, remain legal, including Alaska, Iowa, Kansas and Montana. For example, the Kansas law that patients only get pills directly from a doctor is blocked in court.

A Walgreens spokesman said the pharmacy’s decision was in response to a letter from the attorneys general. They said Walgreens intended to become a certified pharmacy and would only dispense in jurisdictions where it was legal to do so.

Social media reaction

Now, #BoycottWalgreens was trending on Twitter after users shared stories of being denied birth control and condoms by pharmacists with a “moral objection” to their use.

One user wrote “I’m going to boycott Walgreens. Because, they caved from the threats, of nearly 2 dozen fascist Republican AGs, threatening they take legal action and agreed NOT to dispense abortion pills. Even in states where it still remains legal and was prescribed by a doctor.”

Another user wrote “There are decisions companies make that are in bad taste. This isnt bad taste. When a PHARMACY decides to endanger lives by denying them healthcare, they become UNACCEPTABLE!”

“BoycottWalgreens What a bunch of cowards. All of these @GOP fascists running around taking about “freedom” while denying it at every turn. They can shove their “Gilead” fever dream up their back side! Support bodily autonomy! Support women!” another user wrote.

Another user added “When stock awards and other forms of compensation are considered, Roz Brewer, the current CEO of Walgreens, makes $28,333,498 per year. This made Brewer one of the highest-paid female executive in 2021. With this decision, I will #BoycottWalgreens”

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