Why Arshdeep Singh on target of trolls after defeat to Pakistan?

Pakistan defeated India by five wickets in the first Asian Cup Super 4 game in Dubai on Sunday, now Virat Kohli had some strong words of support for young pacemaker Arshdeep Singh who had missed a crucial catch in the 18th of the match. .

A single mistake by any player on the losing team becomes the center of discussion on social media. Sometimes that player has to face a personal attack.

Arshdeep Singh is in the spotlight on social media after India’s loss in the match against Pakistan. However, many great personalities have defended Arshdeep Singh. The game was at its highest point. It seemed that any team could win. Nothing was one-sided.

Arshdeep Singh on target of trolls

In the 18th, captain Rohit Sharma gave the ball to Ravi Bishnoi to throw. Pakistan then needed 31 runs on 15 balls. In the 17th, Mohammad Rizwan, who was dangerous, was fired by Hardik Pandya. At that time, It seemed that India had the upper hand.

Ravi Bishnoi was struggling with the length of the line. Two widths were released. Asif Ali played a poor shot in the air on Ravi’s third ball. The ball went to third-man fielder Arshdeep. It was a simple catch.

Arshdeep Singh also looked completely confident about catching the ball, but the ball missed his hand. Rohit Sharma’s reaction when he missed the catch was completely upset.

Pakistan needed 26 runs in the last two overs. In the 19th, the ball reached Bhuvneshwar Kumar and he gave up 19 runs. Leaving Asif Ali’s capture proved costly. Asif Ali scored a six and a four in this over. Arshdeep had to throw the last one.

Indians on social media did not go easy on Arshdeep Singh and came out roasting the young pacemaker. A member of the Under-19 team that lifted the World Cup in 2018, Arshdeep Singh is a left-arm pacemaker hailing from India Punjab, following Sunday’s loss he is being labelled a villain.

And adding more to this, the Indians called it the Khalistani conspiracy. Is a player being attacked just because he is a Sikh? How shameful is the state of cricket fans in India!

Former cricketers back young pacer

Now former cricketers Harbhajan Singh, Mohammad Hafeez and Irfan Pathan have jumped to Arshdeep Singh’s defence after India’s pacemaker let Asif Ali’s catch proved to be the turning point in the India-Pakistan clash on Sunday.

Well-known former India spinner Harbhajan Singh also came to Arshdeep’s rescue. Harbhajan tweeted, “Stop criticising young @arshdeepsinghh No one drop the catch purposely..we are proud of our boys .. Pakistan played better.. shame on such people who r putting our own guys down by saying cheap things on this platform bout arsh and team.. Arsh is GOLD,” said Harbhajan on Twitter.

Former Pakistan cricket captain Mohammad Hafeez has defended Arshdeep “My request to all Indian team fans. In sports we make mistakes as we r human. Please don’t humiliate anyone on these mistakes. @arshdeepsinghh,” said Hafeez.

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