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Why #ArrestSLNavy is trending?

Why #ArrestSLNavy is trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why #ArrestSLNavy is trending; The Sri Lankan Navy said on Wednesday that they have recovered the body of an Indian fisherman who went missing after the boat in which he along with two others collided with a naval ship on the island nation off the north coast.

Why #ArrestSLNavy is trending?

Rajkiran (30) sank into the sea on Monday evening after a Sri Lankan naval vessel hit his boat at Neduntheevu. The Sri Lankan Navy had said they rescued two fishermen and retrieved Rajkiran’s body from the sea on Wednesday. However, when they did not hand over the bodies, the protesters went on a hunger strike.

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In a statement, the SLN said, “The Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) was able to rescue two fishermen aboard an Indian fishing boat that capsized in Sri Lankan waters across the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) north-west of Kovilan Lighthouse on the evening of 18 October.” Succeeded.”

Twitter user wrote “According to sources from Coastal Security Group at Kottaipattinam,the victim has been identified as Rajkiran,30.Rajkiran along with Suganthan,23,and Xavier,32,all hailing from #Kottaipattinam had ventured into the sea on Mondaymorning in a trawler owned by Suresh”

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Another user wrote “Even if the fishermen crossed borders, SL navy causing collision and death is unacceptable. It is an outright violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Every UN member nation needs to comply with the UN clause.”

The Tamil Nadu’s fishermen repeated accusations of Srilankan Navy attacking them and their vessels go always unheard. It is the primary duty of the Union Government to bring up the subject with Srilankan government and seek justice, Another user tweeted.

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