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Who was Stan Swamy? All you need to know

Who was Stan Swamy

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who was Stan Swamy; Father Stan Swamy, an accused in the Elgar Parishad Case, died on 5 July. The tribal rights activist was put on a ventilator on July 4. His health was deteriorating. Last year itself Swamy was arrested in the Elgar Parishad case.

Stan Swamy, 84, was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai on 30 May on the orders of the Bombay High Court. His lawyer informed that his health deteriorated on July 4, after which he was put on a ventilator.

On July 3, his lawyer Mihir Desai told the High Court that Swamy has been kept in the ICU. “After midnight, Swamy’s health deteriorated and he has been put on ventilator,” Desai said.

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Who is Stan Swamy?

Stan Swamy is known as a social and human rights activist. He gave intellectual support to the movement like water, forest land, displacement going on in Jharkhand. Father Stan Swamy came to Jharkhand from Trichy in Tamil Nadu to become a priest in the 60s.

Founded the anti-displacement public development movement in Jharkhand as a human rights activist. This organization fights for the rights of tribals and Dalits. Stan Swamy also runs schools and technical training institutes for tribal children in the Namkum area of ​​Ranchi.

 After completing theology (religious education) he became a priest. But instead of serving God, he chose to live with the tribals and the downtrodden.

Swami was known as a soft-spoken person. People who know him say that since coming to Jharkhand in 1991, he has been working for the rights of tribals.

Why was he arrested?

In Koregaon-Bhima village, a program of the Dalit community was organized on January 1, 2018. Some right-wing organizations opposed the program. Violence broke out in the area during the Elgar Parishad conference. 

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The mob set vehicles on fire and vandalized shops and houses. One person lost his life and many people were injured in this violence. The Maoist connection was also exposed in this violence. Maharashtra Police had arrested many people in this case. This includes Rao, Swami and many other activists.


Stan Swamy was accused of issuing statements against the Jharkhand government to incite tension on the issue of the Pathalgarhi movement. Jharkhand’s Khunti police had also registered a case of sedition against 20 people including Stan Swamy.

An NIA official alleged that Stan Swamy is a member of the banned outfit CPI (Maoist). Its Frontal Organization (PPSC) is the convener. actively involved in its activities. To increase the work of the organization, he got money through an associate. Another official said that the propaganda, propaganda material, and literature of the CPI (Maoist) were found in their possession.

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