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Who is Zulma, and why is she trending on Twitter?

Who is Zulma

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Zulma; Zulma Figueroa Córdova and Luis Ángel Colón Colón, the married couple who refused to fill out their traveler statements upon returning to Puerto Rico, United States in recent days, and who resisted arrest inside a vehicle last night, will face trial for the rape of the Article 246 of the Penal Code on February 8.

Those accused of the less serious crime of obstructing the exercise of public authority, who are exposed to six months in jail, will remain free until the date of the trial after the bonds of $ 10,000 that was imposed on them yesterday were deferred by the Program.

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Today’s hearing was presided over by the judge of the San Juan Court Raiza Cajigas , despite the fact that the charges were filed in the Carolina region, which is where the trial will be held next month.

Later, the couple was transferred to the Barrio Obrero barracks, while the minors were removed from the scene by personnel from the Department of the Family.

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Although at first it had been indicated that agents of the specialized SWAT unit were at the scene, the Police clarified that they were not.

“The Police have not activated SWAT in the case of the couple, against whom a judge issued an arrest warrant after violating the EO upon entering Puerto Rico. Only one negotiator was appointed to support the arrest process by the Department of Health ”, it was reported from the Press Office of the Police Bureau.

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Through a video posted on his social networks, Figueroa Córdova even said that he feared for his life.

“I fear for my life … I fear for the life of my family,” said the lady.

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