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Who is Rajiv Oberoi accused of harassing activist Virali Modi?

Rajiv Oberoi; Disability rights activist and motivational speaker Virali Modi recently shared a post on Twitter that contained screenshots

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Rajiv Oberoi harassed disability activist Viral Modi, is he a fraud?

Disability rights activist and motivational speaker Virali Modi recently shared a post on Twitter that contained screenshots of her alleged conversation with a business tycoon on her social media and he cyber-assaulted her.

Virali Modi wrote on Twitter, “TW: Sexual Harassment This person posted an ad on Instagram for a casting call regarding a modelling gig for a big brand. He said I was pretty but he wasn’t looking for someone on a wheelchair for that specific modelling gig but he would keep me in mind for future projects.”

In another tweet she wrote "Receiving such messages really brings me down because I know that I’m not the first person this man has messaged in the hopes of tricking someone into bed in order to get work. This is the dark truth."

In the chats, the man texted her, “You have such amazing lips and face…..if you were normal and not with your condition I would be darn horny for you……..as I just loved that face of yours”.

Virali replied to the text with an explanation of how her “physical condition” does not make her any less desirable and whatever he said was “very barbaric and he should have some decency.” To this, the businessman reportedly texted, “I will……so sorry….it just you have a great face….sorry to hurt you…..will repent for sure what I said.”

She further wrote "A couple of months later, he posted again for another project. I messaged him again, just to remind him of me. He then proceeds to tell me that if it wasn’t for my condition, he’d be horny for me. To be honest, I was taken aback by his disgusting message and I told him off."

Who is Virali Modi

Virali Modi is a specially trained model and the first runner-up of the Miss Wheelchair India 2014 pageant. Born on September 29, 1991, Modi spent most of her childhood in the United States.

In 2006, when Virali began developing abnormally high temperatures after returning to the United States, where she used to live with her parents. She had been on a short trip to India.

However, her health deteriorated and she was taken to the hospital. She was diagnosed as contracting malaria while she was in India and fell into a coma for 23 days when her condition worsened.

It was not easy for Virali to accept her fate, but she made peace with him by accepting and loving her and advises everyone the same. “You are more important than anyone else. Start focusing on yourself and you will be much happier than you were when you were trying to please society. But I think learning to see ourselves as human is the first step in not allowing disability to define us, and ultimately not allowing others to define us by our disability,” she says.

Is Rajiv Oberoi really a casting director?

Rajiv Oberoi has been posing as a producer and casting director. He has come to light that his entire profile, including his website, is fake. The photo he is using is that of Rahul Nanda.

Each of "Rajiv Oberoi's" photos on Instagram is Photoshopped or transformed to portray himself as an influential media mogul. Through his “influence”, he is asking women to send him raunchy photos and/or asking them to “commit” to the false promise of work.

On his website, he’s associating himself with well-known directors in the entertainment industry but as it turns out, his website is also fake. Screenshots of the same.

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