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Who is frauding on OLX, How to be careful?

Who is frauding on OLX

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is frauding on OLX; In the world of the Internet, we can do just that in a jiffy. While it offers an added convenience, the internet is also a scary place. Cybercrime is increasing day by day and fraudsters are finding new ways to cheat people.

Who is frauding on OLX

In such frauds, the fraudster usually posing as army/paramilitary personnel, contacts the person who is trying to sell the product on websites or apps like OLX and Quikr. QR Code scam has been reported on the Olx website, In which it has been told how now some fraud people get payment from users with the help of QR code by showing fake posts. Regarding this, OLX has posted a 1-minute video on its platform, in which it has been told about this fraud and the way to avoid it.

When you post an ad for an item you want to sell on OLX, a call from an interested buyer will come almost immediately to the mobile number you just advertised.

Bargaining is common when one buys from Olx or Quikr. However, in this case, the caller will not bargain at all and you will agree to whatever price they quote you for the product you are selling.

For some products, you may receive calls in quick intervals from multiple “potential buyers” who will double or triple the expected selling price of a certain product. If someone is not bargaining or is willing to pay a ridiculously high amount, you should be alerted immediately.

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As he is claiming that he is from the Indian Army, people immediately trust him. The fraudster then insists on paying for the product through an online payment app like Paytm or Google Pay. Now, the fraudster sends a fake screenshot to the seller to show that the said amount has been transferred to the seller’s Paytm account. However, the seller realizes that he has not received any amount.

Avoid such crime

  • Verify the creditworthiness of the buyer/seller before making or receiving payment.
  • Buyer/seller showing undue haste or urgency is a potential fraudster.
  • Do not click on any link or scan the QR code. You may lose money.
  • Avoid accepting or making advance payments. This could be a trap to deceive you.
  • Fraudsters use fake identity cards of national institutions to gain trust and confidence. Be wary of any such attempt.

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