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WHO approves China’s second vaccine, what is special in Sinovac?

Vaccination after 9 months covid19 recovery: Covishield Corona Vaccine Price: Serum Institute of India

“The world needs many vaccines for covid-19 to address the inequality that exists around the world”: WHO

Ground Report | New Delhi: The World Health Organization has also approved the emergency use of another vaccine made in China for covid-19. The vaccine has been prepared by the Chinese pharma company Sinovac. Earlier the WHO had approved the Sinopharma vaccine. WHO has assured all countries, agencies and communities that this vaccine meets international standards in terms of safety and effectiveness. With this vaccine getting emergency approval, it can now also be used under the Kovax program, which aims to make vaccines available to all equally.

The World Health Organization has said that emergency approval means that this vaccine meets all international standards for safety, efficacy and production. Although this vaccine is already being used in many countries. It can be given to people above 18 years of age. Two doses of this vaccine have to be taken. The second dose may be taken two to four weeks after the first dose.

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Studies show that more than half of people who received the Sinovac vaccine did not have symptoms. And none of the people who got the vaccine studied showed severe symptoms, and among them No one needed to be hospitalized. After getting the approval of this vaccine, it is expected that it will strengthen the ‘Covax program’ which is currently struggling with the problem of vaccine supply.

Dr. Marianzela Simao, Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization for Health Products, said, “The world needs many vaccines for covid-19 to address the inequality that exists around the world. We urge drug makers to Partner with Kovax, share your information and data so that this epidemic can be controlled.” WHO approval is required for the vaccine’s global Kovacs partnership. Only then vaccine can be supplied.

Along with China, this vaccine is already being given in many countries including Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey. The biggest feature of Sinovac is that it can be stored in a standard refrigerator at two-eight degrees Celsius. This simply means that this vaccine can prove to be very useful for developing countries, which are unable to store the vaccine at the standard temperature (very low) for many other vaccines.

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This approval has come at a time when the heads of the WHO, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have appealed for an investment of $ 50 billion as help to end the epidemic. In a joint statement, all these international organizations have said that the world has reached an alarming level and inequality in access to vaccines has increased the epidemic and many have lost their lives due to its lack.

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