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What Snapchat My AI’s sexual advise to 13 year old user?

Snap Inc, the parent of Snapchat, announced during its annual summit that its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot will now be able

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What was Snapchat AI’s sexual advise to 13 year old user?

Snap Inc, the parent of Snapchat, announced during its annual summit that its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot will now be able to respond to user messages with AI-generated images.

Snap Inc said that its artificial intelligence chatbot will now be able to respond to user messages with a fully AI-generated image, as the owner of photo messaging app Snapchat deepens its work on the technology.

Generative AI has grabbed the attention of the tech industry in recent months and can generate original text or photos in response to instructions. 

Although this represents less than 1% of the platform's 375 million daily active users, the growth rate of the premium version since its launch in June of last year is considered satisfactory.

After expanding into new regions in its first month, Snapchat reached 1 million users by August of last year, which doubled by February of this year.

In just two and a half months, the number of users who pay $4 a month for exclusive features has exceeded 3 million.

What is My AI on Snapchat?

Snap's chatbot, called My AI, can help users with everything from writing poems to searching for information.

In a chat conversation, My AI can answer an important trivia question, offer advice on the perfect birthday gift for your best friend, help plan a long weekend outing, or even suggest dinner recipes. My AI is there to help you better connect with the people and things that are important to you.

The company said it worked closely with Open AI to make My AI available to Snapchatters, with the latest version of ChatGPT.

My AI is now available for free to all Snapchat users and can be used to answer questions in conversations between friends on Snapchat, the company said.

How to Use My AI on Snapchat

My AI, Snapchat's chatbot, offers unique features like customization with a chosen name and Bitmoji, as well as the ability to answer group chat questions. The AI adheres to community guidelines and uses moderation technology to detect inappropriate content.

Soon, Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to send Snap photos to My AI, which will reply with its own generative Snap photo. Misuse of the service can lead to temporary access restrictions, but parental controls will also be incorporated.

Users can personalize the AI chatbot with a name and "Bitmoji," allowing them to create a cartoon version of their pocket assistant. My AI can also be used in group chats by typing "@ My AI" in the message exchange followed by a question for the bot, which will then answer the query for the group.

My AI feature raises concerns

When this tool was launched in March exclusively for Snapchat+ subscribers, some called it inappropriate due to the young age that users of the social network usually have.

A user interacts with Snapchat "My AI" posing as a thirteen-year-old girl. (Tristan Harris/Twitter)

According to a series of tests undertaken by The Washington Post, My AI provided advice to a reporter posing as a 13-year-old on how to plan a surprise trip for his 31-year-old boyfriend with the ultimate goal of keeping him together during sexual intercourse for the first time.

Snapchat assures, however, that once the My AI trial period is over, the tool will be much more cautious when it comes to providing advice, which will always be appropriate to the user's age. 

In a separate exchange, "My AI" explains how to cover up a bruise when Child Protective Services (CPS) visits the house. (Tristan Harris/Twitter)

“This first phase of launch has allowed us to correct some of the problems that have emerged along the way, such as the adequacy of the answers to the user's age. In 99.5% of cases, My AI responses align with our community standards,” said Snap's vice president of product, Jack Brody.

The social network has also raised the curtain on new tools for creators who rely on Snapchat to achieve the desired virality. Unlike TikTok and Instagram, Snapchat focuses on communication of a private nature rather than public, Brody says. Even so, the new tools of the social network will allow creators to further mark the difference between the content accessible to everyone and the one they publish privately.

On the other hand, almost three years after launching a million-dollar fund to reward the most viewed videos of the day on its platform, Snapchat is redoubling its efforts to adequately remunerate its creators with the “Stories Revenue Share Program”.

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