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What is Right to sit bill by Tamil Nadu govt

What is Right to sit bill by Tamil Nadu govt

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Right to sit bill; The Tamil Nadu government on Monday formally introduced a bill in the state assembly requiring shops, storefronts, and commercial establishments to provide seating facilities to employees. The Tamil Nadu government has introduced a bill, in which it has been said to give ‘right to sit’ and an initiative has been taken to make a law on it.

“The premises of every establishment should have suitable seating arrangements for all employees so that they may take advantage of any seating opportunities that they may have during their work and thereby keep their toes ‘on their toes’ throughout the working hours. can escape the situation,” he said. Bill details to amend the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishment Act, 1947. The amended part will be added after Section 22 of the Act, Labor Welfare and Skill Development Minister CV Ganesan said.

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What is Right to sit bill?

The Tamil Nadu government introduced a new bill in the Assembly, making it mandatory for establishments to provide seating facilities to employees. “Keeping in view the plight of the employees during the working hours, it is considered necessary to provide seating facilities to all the employees of shops and establishments”. Many large multi-departmental showrooms in Tamil Nadu currently do not provide chairs or stools for the salespeople to sit on during working hours.

This special kind of right is for the employees selling goods in shops and establishments. As you must have seen that the employees working in many shops are always standing and working continuously. In such a situation, it is the law of the government that whenever the employee is free, he does not have to stand and there should be a seating arrangement for him so that he can sit. That is, the employees working in shops and establishments will be given the right to sit.

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Explain that this bill recommends amendment in the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishment Act 1947 and a sub-section will be added to it. According to the rules of these rights, proper arrangements will have to be made for the seating of employees at every shop and commercial establishment. So that they do not have to stand full time while on duty and they can get opportunities to sit while working.

What will be the benefit?

“Varicose veins can be caused by standing for hours in a row. Varicose veins are caused by the increased blood pressure in the veins that occurs when standing for several hours in a row. When the valves become weak, blood can pool in the veins which can result in serious problems. Also, if a worker has fluctuating blood pressure, taking the pill and standing for hours can lead to unconsciousness. Meanwhile, if a diabetic patient does not eat properly and for a long time If left standing for a long time, they may even become ill or faint.”

The Statement of Objects and Reasons stated that people employed in shops and establishments are asked to stand during their duty hours, resulting in various health problems. “Keeping in view the plight of the employees who are on their toes in the line of their duty, it has been felt necessary to provide seating facilities to all the employees of the shops and establishments.”

The lack of basic rights such as the right to sit has to be viewed in the broader context of occupational health and safety. Economic liberalization led to a boom in India’s retail sector, but not everywhere followed by better working conditions of service and conditions of employment protecting the health and interests of employees of shops and establishments.

Inspired from Kerala

Kerala was the first country to make a provision of compulsory seating arrangements for the employees after protests by women employees of garment showrooms for better working conditions. Consequently, the Government of Kerala amended the Kerala Shops and Establishment Act in 2018 to provide seating arrangements for all employees.

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