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What is Quad, which countries are part of this group?

What is Quad; The Quad is committed to ensuring a 'free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific region based on international law and to address

By Ground report
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What is Quad, which countries are part of this group

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Quad; The Quad is committed to ensuring a 'free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific region based on international law and to address the challenges in the Indo-Pacific region and regions. The grouping of four democracies—India, Australia, the US, and Japan.

What is Quad?

It is a group of four countries, which includes India, America, Australia, and Japan. It is worth noting here that the four countries which are included in this group are the major economic powers of the world. Although there is a mutual conflict in their defensive interests, they all seem together on one thing, which is to stop the growing influence of China, especially the increasing dominance of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

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  • In such a situation, mutual cooperation between the quad countries is being considered very important.
  • It was initially formed as a military bloc, and the navies and air forces of the four countries have conducted large-scale joint exercises, including in the Bay of Bengal.
  • It is to be noted here that the Quad was formally established only in 2007, but till now it has not achieved any major success.
  • It was reconstituted in the year 2017, after which now its first summit has been held on 12 March.
  • The summit has taken place at a time when the rift in the relations between India and China has increased amidst tensions in eastern Ladakh for the past almost a year, then trade with America, Japan, and Australia has also taken place in the last three years regarding many other issues including trade, security.

What is the purpose?

Although no formal announcement has been made since the first Quad summit, the leaders of the four countries have emphasized increasing mutual cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. It also agreed to raise resources for the production and distribution of the corona vaccine.

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  • The concept of the quad was given by the then Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in 2007 and then the navies of the four countries also conducted joint maneuvers. But after that nothing concrete could be done in this direction. But in the midst of tensions with China last year, India again started an effort to strengthen it.
  • In such a situation its importance for India can be clearly understood. Through the Quad summit, the four major economic powers of the Indo-Pacific region - India, America, Japan, and Australia - have also tried to send a message to China that its dominance in the region will not be accepted and that no action will be taken by international law.
  • The leaders of the quad countries have also indicated to join this campaign in the future by countries sharing common interests in the region. If this happens, then there will be more problems for China.

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