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What is ‘love cloud’ which provides sex in the sky?

Love cloud providing facility to have sex in Air, All you need to know

Ground Report | New Delhi: Love cloud providing sex; the Mile High Club is 105 years old and polls show a third of men want to join. Now anyone with a willing partner can do it for $995. The first to have sex on a plane was Lawrence Burst Sperry, who was also the inventor of the autopilot, the New York Times reports.

For $995, Love Cloud takes couples who want to become members of the infamous club of people to have sex aboard a flying plane at least 5,280 feet in the air, aka a mile high. So, that they can make their fantasies a reality.

The interior of the private jet is decorated with red satin sheets, pillows for sexual positions and a custom-made foam mattress for comfort, according to the company.

Pilot Anthony Blake, known as “Captain Tony,” wears noise-cancelling headphones and a curtain blocks his view of the action in the back.

Customers range from horny honeymooners to older couples in search of lost mojo and a group of swingers from Europe (six people can be accommodated per flight).

He recalled two passengers “who had caught their spouses cheating on each other.” So the abandoned couple, after each signed their divorce papers, “met each other in Las Vegas without knowing each other. Upon arrival, the man was holding her in the air and they didn’t seem close,” Blake said. “After the flight, I photographed them with their tongues down each other’s throats. He stuck out his chest and they both turned the bird around. Then they sent the photos to their exes.”

Love Cloud founder Andy Johnson told the New York Times that the business is good for people’s relationships. “You come in with a smile on your face and you leave with a bigger smile on your face,” he said. “We help keep people from getting divorced, I’ll tell you right now.”

One couple told the Times their only complaint was that “it wasn’t long enough.” Frelima Howard said that she and her husband lost track of time and that is why she “had never dressed faster in my life.”

She said a friend gave them the flight as a late wedding present and they enjoyed the more “private” experience as a member of the Mile High Club.

Love Cloud and his flights to nowhere have been circling Nevada for about seven years, offering chaste flights focused on romantic dinners (attended by a flight attendant) and even mid-air wedding ceremonies, as well as Mile High adventures.

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