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What is happening at Kabul airport?

What is happening at Kabul airport; On Monday, Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport witnessed the chaos and chaos that seemed to be

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What is happening at Kabul airport

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening at Kabul airport; On Monday, Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport witnessed the chaos and chaos that seemed to be part of a film about the end of the world rather than reality. Thousands of people were running on the runway in front of and behind the plane without caring for their lives as if there was a demon behind them.

Following yesterday's incidents, Kabul Airport has been closed today, and flight operations have been suspended. It can be seen on the flight radar that at present (Tuesday at half-past two) only two planes are flying in the airspace of Afghanistan, one of which belongs to Turkish Airlines, while the other is written 'No Call Sign'.However, keep in mind that US military aircraft are not often seen on flight radar. 

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At least eight people were killed in Monday's chaos, according to the British Daily Mail. Three fell from the plane, three were crushed under the wheels of the plane and two were shot dead by US troops.

What is happening at Kabul airport?

Crowds of people can also be seen on the runway in satellite images. In addition to firing, U.S. troops used Apache helicopters to disperse crowds on the runway.

The most horrifying scene is the three people falling from the plane, who was shown by the media in a circle so that they could be seen clearly. Apparently, they didn't find a way to get on the plane, so they clung to the landing gear. As soon as the plane picked up speed, it fell from a height of hundreds of feet.

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The Taliban, on the other hand, have set up checkpoints on the way to the airport, and are sending back those who do not have travel documents.

According to Reuters, the airport is currently controlled by US troops, who are helping to evacuate their citizens and Western diplomats from the country. Many Afghans are angry that the United States has taken control of Kabul airport and shut down civilian flights.

A Western security official stationed at the airport told Reuters on Tuesday morning: "Many people who came here yesterday have gone home. However, according to Reuters, there are still sounds of firing from the airport.


About 22 years ago, in 1999, an Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to Delhi, which later merged with Air India, was hijacked with 180 passengers on board.

The plane was taken to Kandahar, Afghanistan. The hijackers demanded the release of militants fighting in Kashmir in exchange for passengers. India had released three of them in exchange for passengers. Of the five gunmen who were abducted, not a single one was captured by India.

Air India has been flying to Kabul since the end of the war, but now there is uncertainty. An Air India spokesman said a commercial flight to Kabul was scheduled for Monday afternoon, "but we will not be able to do anything if the airspace is closed."

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