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What is Delhi doorstep ration delivery scheme? Why is BJP calling it a scam?

BJP received ₹2555 crore

Ground Report | New Delhi: Striking out at CM Arvind Kejriwal for railing against the center over the new ration scheme, BJP said that Kejriwal is doing drama for politics and called ‘ doorstep ration delivery scheme’ a scam. On Sunday in a virtual press conference BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra had claimed that centre had actually forestall a big scam. He also alleged  Delhi CM  for misleading the nation and presenting the wrong image of Prime Minister Modi before the country.

He further said the Delhi government is free to run such a scheme by purchasing grains at a stated rate spokesperson, but it has no power to adjust or halt a national programme of subsidised ration distribution under the Food Security Act to launch its own plan. 

This response came after Kejriwal addressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi why the initiative was stopped by the Centre in an online briefing on Sunday and urged him to allow its implementation in the national interest. 

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What is the doorstep ration delivery scheme?

Two months before Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had announced a new ration delivery scheme saying that it will combat the ration mafia and alleviate problems such as long lines, adulteration, and shortchanging that beneficiaries suffer. This scheme was made under the Targeted Public Distribution System of the National Food Security Act 2013.

Under this scheme the Delhi govt. was planning to provide wheat flour, rice, and sugar in a packaged form directly to the home of beneficiaries. For this, the beneficiaries would have to pay processing charges along with the cost of subsidized food. But yet this scheme has not been started as the centre had to forestall it.

Why did Centre not approve this scheme?

Centre govt. has put a hold on this scheme saying that they provide ration to states under the National Food Security Act, so no changes should be made to it. Center cited that subsidized food grains allotted to Delhi under the national Food Security Act cannot be used for this scheme. However, Patra said “Delhi govt. is free to run such a scheme by purchasing against at stated rate, but it has no power to adjust or halt a national program of subsidized ration distributions under the Food security act to begin its own.”

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Why is the BJP calling it a “Scam”?

On Sunday BJP claimed that there is zero Adhar Card Authentication in Delhi against the national average of 80%  and Kejriwal govt. had also stopped the operation of POS machines that allow biometrically and questioned how will CM provide ration to the needy beneficiaries?

“We’ll never know who Arvind Kejriwal is handing out ration cards to. He intended to start a ration-diversion programme. He planned to set up a large con because the rations would not reach the intended recipient and no one knows where they might have gone ” alleged Patra and claimed that the Centre has prevented a large-scale fraud from taking place.

“Kejriwal attacked the Centre, but the truth is that the Food Security Act benefits over 72.78 lakh people,” Patra remarked. The Delhi government has so far lifted 53,045 MT of grains out of 72,782 MT sent by the Centre for the PM Garib Kalyan Yojna, which distributes free ration to the underprivileged in May and June, and distributed just 68 percent of what it has lifted, he added.

However, The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia responded to Patra and said “He stated we want to levy an extra price. Patra should familiarise himself with the Centre’s policies. It is explicitly stated that if someone needs wheat ground to aata, a fee of Rs 3 can be paid. According to our plan, we will charge Rs 2 and deliver aata to their homes. Your issue isn’t Rs 2; it’s that rationing will be reinstated.”

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