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Ukraine formally applies for NATO membership

Ukraine formally applies for NATO membership

Ukraine has officially applied to become part of NATO, moments after crazy Putin promised to use “any means” to defend the four Ukrainian regions annexed to Russia.

President Volodymyr Zelensky today signed paperwork for accelerated membership to the alliance to “protect our entire community” after the tyrant’s rambling speech.

Ukraine’s president says his country is submitting an “expedited” application to join the NATO military alliance.

Zelenskyy said: “We are taking our decisive step by signing Ukraine’s application for accelerated NATO membership.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed treaties on Friday to annex parts of Ukraine in defiance of international law, saying Moscow would protect the newly incorporated regions by “all available means.”

He also urged Ukraine to sit down for peace talks but immediately insisted that he will not talk of bringing them back, opening a new escalation phase of his seven-month invasion of the country.

Kyiv and the West have rejected his land grab in Ukraine. The 27 member states of the European Union said they will never recognize the illegal referendums that Russia organized “as a pretext for this new violation of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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At a Kremlin ceremony in ornate St. George’s Hall to announce the annexation of occupied parts of Ukraine, Putin accused the West of fueling hostilities as part of what he said is a plan to turn Russia into a “colony” and a ” multitudes of slaves.” His hardening of the position in the conflict that has killed and injured tens of thousands of people has further increased tensions, already to levels not seen since the Cold War.


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