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These are the 10 oldest companies in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: These are the 10 oldest companies in India; In the era of a startup, where new companies are opening and closing every day in the country, today there are many companies running in the country whose age is more than 100 years. Let’s take a look at these companies.

These are the 10 oldest companies in India

Jessop & Company

The company was founded in the year 1788 by British engineer William Jessop. Earlier it was called Breen & Company. The credit for building Kolkata’s Howrah bridge also goes to this company. However today this company is included in the Ruia Group.

Bombay Dyeing Company

The company was founded in the year 1879. After suffering a big loss in the dyeing business, the company turned itself towards the textile business. This was the period when Indian textile companies stopped exporting goods from Chinese manufacturers. Ness Wadia, who came into the limelight due to an affair with actress Preity Zinta, was also the joint managing director of Bombay Dyeing till 2011.

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This company, which sells Ayurvedic medicines, was started in the year 1884. Its founder SK Burman was a doctor by profession. This company had to struggle long in its recognition in the market. But the work of the company has increased since 1990. Today more than seven thousand people work in this company.

Kirloskar Brothers

In the year 1888, Laxmanrao Kirloskar laid the foundation of this company. It was earlier established as merely a trading company. But today it is the largest company making $ 1.4 billion in pumps and valves in the country. Today, the chairman of the company is Sanjar Kirloskar.

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In the year 1892, a Gupta family of Calcutta started this shop making biscuits for just Rs 295. The shop grew and became the first company in India to manufacture machine-made biscuits. This company used to send biscuits to the armies fighting in the second world war, which earned it well. Today more than three thousand people work in this company coming inside Wadia Enterprise.

Century Textiles and Industries

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This company was started by Naurosji N. Wadia in the year 1897. Nowrosji was the grandfather of Nusli Wadia, the owner of Bombay Dyeing Company. Wadia formed this company after seeing the increasing demand for cotton during the American Civil War. But three decades later, its main competitor Chunnilal Mehta bought it. And, after Mehta, RD Birla bought it. Since then, this company is with the Birla Group.


The company was founded in the year 1897 by Ardhar Godrej and his brother Pirojsha Godrej. Ardhar was famous for bringing newness to products. To understand the business, he traveled abroad and used many new techniques in the company. In 1911, when King George V and his queen Mary visited Delhi, their valuables were kept in the vault of Godrej.

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Shalimar Paints

Formed in 1902, the company is the oldest paint company in South Asia. Today all the government companies like Rashtrapati Bhavan, NTPC, Indian Railways, BPCL and IOC are its regular customers. Today more than three thousand people are working in this company. (These are the 10 oldest companies in India)

Tata Steel Limited

Jamsetji Tata started this company in the year 1907. The company supplied steel for a number of construction works under the country’s first five-year plan. Today it is the 12th largest steel company in the world. Today more than 74 thousand people work in this company under the Tata group.

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Today TVS Motor Company is the third-largest company in India manufacturing two-wheelers. But at the time when it was started, it was not easy to sell carts to horse carts and landlords running on carts. This company was founded in the year 1911 by TV Sundaram Iyengar. But it started a good job from the year 1912. The turnover of this company, which falls under the TVS Sundaram Group, is more than four billion today.

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