These 143 items to get costlier after GST council review

To increase revenue, the GST Board appealed to the states to raise rates by 143 positions, these items to get costlier after GST will include folders, jacks, power banks, watches, suitcases, bags, perfumes, deodorants, colour TVs (below 32 inches), chocolate, chewing gum, walnuts, custard, soft drinks, ceramic sinks.

items to get costlier after GST

Citing sources The Indian Express, said the list would also include washbasins, glasses, spectacle frames, as well as leather goods and clothing.

Of these 143 positions, 92 per cent are proposed to be moved from the tax rate of 18 per cent and left on the plate at 28 per cent.

At a meeting in November 2017 in Guwahati, prices were reduced for products such as perfumes, leather clothing and accessories, chocolate, cocoa powder, cosmetics or cosmetics, fireworks, plastic floor coverings, lamps, recorders and armoured tanks.

Tax rates on goods and services for goods such as papad and gur (jaggers) can range from zero to 5 per cent tax. Leather clothing and accessories, watches, razors, perfumes, shaving/aftershave, dental floss, chocolate, waffles, cocoa powder, coffee extracts and concentrates, soft drinks, shopping bags, and home-made ceramic sinks, washbasins, plywood, doors, windows, electrical equipment (switches, sockets, etc.) can increase the tax rate on goods and services from 18% to 28%.

The tax rate on goods and services for walnuts can be increased to 12% from 5%, for custard from 5% to 18%, and for tableware and kitchen utensils made of wood to 18% from 12%.

Given the 2019 general election, the council lowered the stakes on many of these things in November 2017 and December 2018, and now this decision by the GST Council will run counter to its old decision.

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