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Home » The Sound of Magic ‘Annara Sumanara’: Review

The Sound of Magic ‘Annara Sumanara’: Review

The Sound of Magic 'Annara Sumanara': Review

Ground Report, New Delhi, The Sound of Magic: Prominent actor Ji Chang-Wook is back with another Boombastic drama on Netflix called “The Sound of Magic”. The drama is as beautiful and as mesmerizing as Magic. Set in Magic Land, the show was shot in an amusement park with a magical landscape. The plot will make you weep and laugh at the same time. The beauty of the show is impeccable. If you are a fan of the musical, then this show is going to become one of your top favorites ever.

Directed by Yoon- Seong Kim and based on a webtoon by the ‘Naver’ known as ‘Annarasumanara’. The show consists of six episodes, starring Ji Chang-wook, Hwang In-youp, and Choi Sung-eun. Ji plays the role of Lee-Eul, A Crazy Magician, and In-Youp plays the role of Na il-dung, while Ms. Choi plays the role of Yoon Ah-yi. Both Na and Ah-yi are schoolmates.

The Sound of Magic depicts the hardships, love, betrayal, and determination which further makes the drama exclusively enthralling to the global audience. The Sound of Magic has thrown a light upon severe family issues such as mental educational pressure, parenting, and so-on and forth.

Plot for The Sound of Magic

Yoon Ah-yi hails from a depressed and exploited background and takes care of her sister as well as schooling along with the part time work. The sisters lived alone and dedicated themselves to paying off the debt taken by their father long back. They have this hardship that things can never go right the way they want and somehow accept the fact that it’s life and nothing can be done, they will have to live with all the hardships and stress. Meanwhile, Na-il Dung is an ace in whatever he does and belongs to a wealthy family. But he has this mental pressure on himself showcasing an exemplary performance every time.

Both of them met Lee-Eul and found an escape in him. At first, though, things were a bit off track but as time flew, they grew comfortable with each other. However, life has had different plans, as Lee-Eul got trapped and was suspected in a murder mystery case and things took a turn the other way round.

The show has been shot beautifully and is mesmerising. You just can’t get over the chemistry of the actors. Furthermore, the background music is a cherry on top that aligns well with the plot. The show has a signature phrase that will leave you saying

“Do you believe in Magic ?

Annara Summanara”

So what are you waiting for, Go watch the drama and fall in love by asking yourself, “Whether I believe in Magic or I have fallen deeply and crazily in love with the cast’

Happy Watching The Sound of Magic

Annara Sumanara


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