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Taliban announces new rules for girl students

Taliban announces new rules for girl; The Taliban have said that universities in Afghanistan will be segregated on the basis of gender. Also

By Ground report
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Taliban order female employees to stay at home

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban announces new rules for girl; The Taliban have said that universities in Afghanistan will be segregated on the basis of gender. Also, a new Islamic dress code will be introduced in these institutions. The country's new Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani told reporters that co-education means that boys and girls will not be allowed to study together in the country.

He has also announced to review the subjects taught in universities. Between 1996 and 2001, during the Taliban's first term, women and girls were banned from studying in Afghanistan's schools and universities. The Taliban regime announced a new higher education policy a day after hoisting a flag at the country's Rashtrapati Bhavan, marking the beginning of their rule.

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Taliban announces new rules for girl

The new policy is quite different from the education policy implemented before the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. Earlier, co-education was allowed in the universities of the country, where men and women were allowed to study together and girl students did not have to follow the dress code either.

However, Haqqani, the Higher Education Minister, did not show any sense of regret over the decision to end co-education. He said, 'We have no problem in ending the co-education system. People are Muslims and they will accept it."

'Male teachers cooperate to teach behind the scenes'

At the same time, some believe that the new rules will turn women away from education, because universities do not have enough resources to conduct separate classes. Haqqani, however, insisted that the number of female teachers was sufficient and that other options would be explored where they were lacking.

Haqqani said, "It all depends on the capability of the university. We can also take the help of male teachers or technology to teach behind the scenes. Girls and boys will be given separate education in primary and secondary schools of the country. This was already a common practice in conservative Afghanistan.

Now girls will have to wear hijab. However, Haqqani did not say whether this would mean wearing a headscarf or covering the entire face. He also told that the subjects taught in the universities of the country will be reviewed.

Haqqani told reporters, "The Taliban wants to create a fair and Islamic curriculum, which is in line with our Islamic, national and historical values. On the other hand, they should also be able to compete with other countries.

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