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Interesting Story of a head priest who hid shivling in Gyanvapi well

Some said that their elders used to tell them a story that may be true about the Head priest who hid Shivling in Gyanvapi well.

By Pallav Jain
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Ascertainment of religious character not prohibited under Places of worship act

Head priest who hid shivling in Gyanvapi well: After the survey was over in the Gyanvapi mosque, some lawyers present there claimed that a 12 feet Shivling was found in the well of Gyanvapi. As soon as this news came in the media, Hindus started trending #Baba_Mil_Gaye on Twitter. Some people said that the wait for Nandi of Kashi Vishwanath temple is over. Some said that the Shivling found could be the real Shivling of Kashi Vishwanath temple. So some said that their elders used to tell them a story about the head priest who hid shivling in Gyanvapi well, that may be true about this Shivling.

This is one of those tales that we cannot confirm. But after this news, the way the people of the Hindu religion are excited and are mentioning this story, again and again, we are telling it to you. This story can be read like mythology.

Story of the Head Priest who hid shivling in well

If you look in every temple of Shiva, you will find that the Nandi , which is dear to Lord Shiva, has its face towards the Shivling. But when you go to the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Banaras, you will find that Nandi's face is on the opposite side of the existing temple. Which is Strange.


It is said that the original Vishwanath temple used to be there earlier, where today is the Gyanvapi mosque. During the time of the Mughals, when Aurangzeb ordered the destruction of all the major Hindu temples of India and forced conversion of Hindus was done on a large scale, then Aurangzeb's army also reached to destroy the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Then the head priest of Vishwanath temple hid the real Jyotirlinga in the well of the temple to save it.

The temple was destroyed by Aurangzeb's army but not completely. They had demolished the temple but did not harm Nandi. After that Gyanvapi Mosque was built on a part of the temple.


The temple you see now was built in 1780 by Maratha ruler Ahilya Bai Holkar. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the first Sikh ruler donated 1 ton of gold for this, which has been installed on the top of the temple.

At that time also a lot of effort was made to find the real Jyotirlinga. But after not finding it, a replica of Jyotirlinga was made and installed in the mosque.

It is believed that the real Jyotirlinga can also be present in the well present in Vishwanath temple. It is told in Hindu legends that the depth of this well is endless. However, these are stories, that people tell about this temple.

The original Vishvanath Shivling


Some scholars believe that Shivling is real, some say that it is in the well of knowledge. There is no confirmation about this yet. Different beliefs of people. Although these stories are quite interesting.

Note: These are not facts, these are just stories people believe in. This matter is in an honorable court. The court will decide what is the truth.

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