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Home ยป Sruthi Raj become first B.Tech graduate in Kattunayakan Tribe

Sruthi Raj become first B.Tech graduate in Kattunayakan Tribe

Sruthi Raj become first B.Tech graduate in Kattunayakan Tribe

Ground Report | New Delhi: B.Tech graduate in Kattunayakan Tribe; Sruthi Raj become the first person from the Kattunayakan woman to have a bachelor’s degree in technology as she holds a B.Tech degree. A resident of Netaji Adivasi Colony in Chelur, Kattikulam, she has achieved this feat on the strength of her determination and hard work.

B.Tech graduate in Kattunayakan Tribe

She secured 86 percent marks in the SSLC exam. Fortunately, she was able to secure funds for her post-secondary education. She mentioned that her college was a difficult time.

She enrolled in B.Tech course in Electronics and Communication at Government Engineering College, Wayanad during 2014-18. “I had to clear a paper ‘Microprocessor and Controller’. I failed in my first two attempts. But I wanted to do B.Tech,” she says.

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She attended Government HSS at Kattikulam till class 10th and Government Professional HSS at Mananthavady for her 12th. She is currently studying for the Public Service Commission exam.

K C Cherian, District Project Officer, Integrated Tribal Development Program, Wayanad, said that the Kattunayakan tribe is mainly spread in the forest areas of Wayanad, Nilambur, and Palakkad. So till now, they haven’t heard from any student who has completed the B.Tech program. Shruti is the first member of her community to do so. Shruti’s parents work on daily wages.

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Who is Kattunayakan tribe?

The Kattunayakans are tribal people who live in South India. Their name means “head of the forest. They are considered one of the earliest inhabitants of South India. Their main livelihood is collecting and selling honey. They also fish, hunt, and forest products to eat and sell.” Kattanayakan is a Scheduled Caste which means they are eligible for special consideration for public jobs and college admissions.

The Kattunayakan live mainly in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They live in deep forests and try to stay away from modern Indian society.

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