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Shahdara Rape Case Story; What happened so far?

Shahdara gang rape case Cruel face of society exposed

Ground Report, New Delhi: Shahdara Rape Case story; A 20-year-old woman has been allegedly raped on the streets of Kasturba Nagar, Shahdara. New Delhi. She was beaten badly, her hair got chopped on the streets and her face got swollen. The accusers made her wear a garland of shoes and paraded her on the streets.  

This is extremely shameful and heartbreaking to know that out of 11 accusers, 7 of them were women. The attacker’s son committed suicide because she rejected him. So his family decided to teach the girl a lesson as they lost their son because of her.

To take revenge, the family decided to allegedly commit this deed with the excuse that she deserves to be raped and die. The fact that is disturbing here is that women of the family were the ones who allegedly started attacking her and the deceased’s father raped the girl. 

A video has been circulating online, in that video, it can be further seen that even the juveniles were also involved, they were standing and enjoying the whole so-called “Revenge” 

As per the report of The Quint, the young girl wrote, “…Naa hi yeh kaam karne dete hai, naa hi yeh kamaane dete hai. Main apna ghar kaise chalaungi? Mujhe inn logo se khatra hai… Dhamki dete hai, izzat ki, jaan ki. Main majboor hu sir, mujhe tumhaari sahayta chahiye.It was further notified that the girl and her family received continuous rape and murder threats for months. 

On January 20, six days before the mishap, the survivor’s 18-year-old sister went to the police station to get the complaint filed and for security. Due to the negligence of Delhi Police, the complaint only turned into an FIR on January 29 and by that time severe damage had already happened. 

This depicts how laid back Delhi Police is and how the laws for women are not rigid, if the police would’ve taken the complaint seriously, then things wouldn’t have escalated in such a way.

Meanwhile, Swati Maliwal, chief of the Delhi Commission for Women tweeted saying it was the most unfortunate incident reported from the capital. 

The woman was rescued and her condition is said to be stable. She is receiving treatment in the hospital. The neighbors have refused to share any details, the speculations behind not sharing any information are said to be that people are scared of the family, as the family is allegedly involved in selling illicit liquor. 

Out of 11 accused, 7 have been arrested and 2 of the accused are absconding. Twelve sections of the Indian Penal Code have been imposed, and the survivor’s family is being provided police security. The police have also recorded her statement for legal purposes.

Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter stated that “How did the criminals get so much courage? I request the Union Home Minister and the LG to direct police to take strict action and pay attention to the law and order situation. Delhiites won’t tolerate such heinous crimes and criminals at any cost.” 

It is high time for the actions to be taken and any sort of negligence must be avoided at all costs. The country is literally letting rape accused set free and on the other hand, discusses whether martial rape ought to be criminalised or not, is this even a subject that needs to be discussed as Rape is Rape. A woman has now been forced to endure a trauma that may have been spared. Women’s safety should be prioritised in real life, not simply on paper.

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