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Home ยป Seeing defeat in elections, Modi repealed agriculture law: Priyanka Gandhi

Seeing defeat in elections, Modi repealed agriculture law: Priyanka Gandhi

Seeing defeat in elections, Modi repealed agriculture law Priyanka Gandhi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Modi repealed agriculture law; Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him not to attend the upcoming DGP conference in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Talking about the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, he stressed that justice cannot be given to the victims unless Ajay Mishra, Minister of State for Home, is removed from his post.

She said- “Today the Prime Minister has come to Lucknow and he has a meeting with the top police officers. I have written a letter to him in this regard. Through you, I want to put that letter in front of everyone.”

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In this letter, Priyanka Gandhi welcomed PM Modi on his arrival in Lucknow and said, “You accepted the atrocities of imposing agricultural laws on farmers and announced to withdraw them. I have read in the newspapers that today you will be in Lucknow The DGP will hold a meeting with the top officials handling the law and order of the country in the conference.

Further in the letter, Priyanka Gandhi, referring to the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, wrote that ‘the whole country saw the atrocities committed against the farmers in the Lakhimpur farmer massacre. You also know that the main accused of crushing the farmers with his car is the son of the Union Minister of State for Home in your government. Due to political pressure, in this case, the Uttar Pradesh government has tried to suppress the voice of justice from the beginning. (Modi repealed agriculture law)

Referring to the Supreme Court in this regard, Priyanka Gandhi said that the Supreme Court itself has questioned the intention of the government and said that – seeing the intention of the government in this case, it seems that the government is trying to save a particular accused.

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She wrote, “I have met the victims’ families in Lakhimpur. They are all in unbearable pain. Everyone says that they only want justice for their loved ones. And till the Union Minister of State for Home is in his post. They have no hope of justice. The recent status of investigation in the Lakhimpur case proves the apprehensions of those families right. Amit Shah ji, responsible for the country’s law and order, and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath share the stage with the same minister.”

“You are the PM of the country. You understand very well your responsibility towards the farmers of the country. Ensuring justice for every countryman is not only a duty but it is also your moral obligation. While addressing the nation yesterday, you had said that with a sincere heart and a pure heart, it was decided to withdraw the agriculture law for the benefit of the farmers. You said that you have a noble intention towards the farmers of the country and if this is true then it should be paramount for you to get justice for the victims in the Lakhimpur case.

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