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Research Scholars: For how long people will suffer fellowship constraints

AIIMS ICMR IIT DST India thousands of Research Scholars / Scholars of India have not received their fellowship for the past six months.

By Ground report
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Research Scholars: For how long people will suffer fellowship constraints

Research scholars across the country struggling with financial constraints due to not getting the fellowship, when will the government improve? At present, the country is facing severe economic crisis. The GDP rate has reached its biggest decline ever. Unemployment is increasing day by day in the country. The lockdown triggered by the Corona infection has created a worse situation. Meanwhile, thousands of Research Scholars / Scholars of India have not received their fellowship for the past six months. The situation has become that the students who were doing research on new technology and new things, who were going to give a bright future to the country through their research, are now unable to make even the two time meal and house rent for them.

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Lal Chandra Vishwakarma, the research scholar of AIIMS, the country's prestigious medical institute, at one time rejected the salary package of millions and chose the path to research on the problem of Insomnia and today the situation is that he does not even have the money to pay his house rent. Lal Chandra Vishwakarma says that he has not received the fellowship for the last six months. Lal Chandra is not alone in the country, but more than thirty thousand research scholars who are doing PhD from different institutions do not have the money left to run their expenses.

On research 0.7 percent of GDP has been spend only in India and these researchers get fellowships ranging from 31 thousand to 55 thousand, which makes their life. But there is no one to listen to these research scholars who have been facing financial crisis for the last six months. These scholars have protested from social media to the streets over complaints of not getting the fellowship, but no one can take care of them. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is also silent on why their fellowship has not come yet.

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Apart from AIIMS, research scholar Sandeep Kaushik, who is doing research on a serious disease like TB at a prestigious institute like International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, is also going through a financial crisis due to lack of fellowship. The remaining savings are also over. On the one hand, due to research and on another, due to financial constraints and no money, there is a lot the pressure of living. Sandeep Kaushik says that he have not got his fellowship since March. Now I want to rent a room. I also need to purchase some items but there is no money. mind got upset due to such problems and it impacts on my research also.

Thousands of students doing research at various institutions like CSIR, ICMR, DST and DBP have not been able to get fellowship. On one hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken slogan of 'Jai Jawan-Jai Kisan -Jai Vigyan' on many occasions, but on the other hand, the research scholars who show the path of Jai Vigyan are going through a crisis. Phrase darkness under light fits to this message.

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Government employees get salary on time, it should be, but the big question is what about research scholars with help of whom we believe is the science of the country. Why did they not get the fellowship in the last six months? Now, neither the government officers nor the government are interested in taking care of it.

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