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IIT Research scholar writes open letter to PM Modi, alleges harassment by his supervisor

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Rajat Bharti | New Delhi/Guwahati

Shrijeev Karmakar, a research scholar in the Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering, Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati (IIT-G), has written to the Prime Minister Office (PMO) alleging misconduct and mental harassment against his research supervisor.

In the letter sent through the official website of PMO, Karmakar alleged that his research guide has been purposely abusing him mentally and demonstrated research misconduct by giving unethical guest authorship in some writings.

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Karmakar, who hails from Agartala, stated in the letter that his supervisor has misused his position and has discriminated him on the grounds of his ancestry and economic background.

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In the letter, Karmakar has also mentioned about his bipolar disorder and claimed the discrimination where supervisor commented, “You have a personality defect, maybe it is something you have inherited.”

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“The mishandling of my condition by my supervisor which triggered my mental illness has also taken its toll on my personal life and affected my marriage detrimentally.

I am separated from my wife now. My marital life ended before it even began”, Karmakar wrote.

Sunayan Deka, a former research scholar, who had worked under the same supervisor, also wrote letter to the PMO raising the same allegations against the supervisor.

Deka alleged that when he reported about the injustice to the higher authorities, his former research supervisor pressurized him to write an apology. Karmakar and Daka have also claimed that their fellowship programs were discontinued after they raised their voice against the injustice.

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