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Quinton de Kock apologises, will take knee

Quinton de Kock apologises; South African cricket star Quentin de Kock has apologized for refusing to kneel for his team's 'Black

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Quinton de Kock apologises

Ground Report | New Delhi: Quinton de Kock apologises; South African cricket star Quentin de Kock has apologized for refusing to kneel for his team's 'Black Lives Meter' campaign in the World Twenty20 match and said he would be happy to do so.

Quinton de Kock apologises

"I would like to start by apologizing to my teammates and fans," De kock said in a statement on Thursday. I never wanted to make it a personal matter. "I understand the importance of standing up against racism and I understand our responsibility as a player to set an example."

"If my knees help others understand the importance of this issue and improve the lives of others, I would be happier to do so," he said in a statement. De kock withdrew from Tuesday's match against the West Indies for "personal reasons".

The players, on the other hand, violated Cricket South Africa's orders to launch a symbolic campaign against racism. He did so after pictures of the team's first match against Australia surfaced last week, with some players kneeling and others standing.

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Former captain and wicketkeeper-batsman De kock also refused to kneel in the Test series against South Africa in the West Indies earlier this year. The first black captain of the South African cricket team, Temba Bauma, said that De kock's decision and the events that followed made it the most difficult day of his life.

De Kock explains his journey to understand the complexities of the breed in South Africa by referencing his family. "I was silent on this very important issue until now. But I guess I have to explain myself a little. For those who don't know, I come from a mixed caste family. My half-sisters are colored and my step-mother is black. To me, black lives mattered since I was born. Not just because there was an international movement. The rights and equality of all people are more important than any individual. I was raised to understand that we all have rights are, and they are important." (Quinton de Kock apologises)

standing against racism

For this reason, de Kock felt that his own authority was being assumed by the CSA board, even though he believed he served as a role model. "I know I have an example to set. We were told earlier that we have the option of doing what we thought we wanted to do," he said. "When you were told what to do, without much discussion, I felt like it took away the meaning. If I were a racist, I could easily kneel down and lie, which is wrong and building a better society."

"I won't lie, I was shocked that we were told on the way to an important match that there was an instruction that we had to follow, with a perceived "or else." I don't think I was the only one," de Kock's statement said. "We had camps. We had sessions. We had zoom meetings. We know where we all stand. And that is together. I think it would of (sic) been better for everyone concerned if we had sorted this out before the tournament started. Then we could have focused on our job, to win cricket matches for our country."

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"I understand the importance of standing against racism, and I also understand the responsibility of us as players to set an example. If me taking a knee helps to educate others, and makes the lives of others better, I am more than happy to do so."

"I know I'm not great with words, but I've tried my best to explain how truly sorry I am for making it like this is about me. It is not," de Kock said. "I love every one of my teammates, and I love nothing more than playing cricket for South Africa. I just want to thank my teammates for their support, especially my captain, Temba. People might not recognise, but he is a flipping amazing leader. If he and the team, and South Africa, will have me, I would love nothing more than to play cricket for my country again."

Cricket South Africa welcomes

"Last night, the Cricket South Africa Board Chairman and two directors met with the Men's Proteas team and management to discuss the Board's directive regarding "take a knee". Board representatives explained the Board's position and Connected to the issues raised by the players," CSA said in a statement. "After the meeting, the Proteas men's team agreed to take a knee and unite for the remainder of the World Cup campaign. CSA also noted the statement issued by Quinton de Kock in which he has also agreed to take a knee and issued an apology.

"Cricket South Africa welcomes all these developments. They reaffirm Cricket South Africa's commitment to non-racism. Taking a united stand against racism is a moral issue, not a political one. The CSA Board regrets that this has happened. The timing of its instructions at the start of the week could be troubling for players in the lead-up to the match against West Indies.CSA fully supports the Proteas men's team and its captain Temba Bavuma and looks forward to continued successes by the Proteas in the World Cup. Is.

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