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Putin’s media mouthpieces operating in the US facing backlash

Putin media mouthpieces; Far-right One America News Network said in a lawsuit that DirecTV's decision to no longer offer

By Ground report
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Why Putin wants ‘Korean scenario’ for Ukraine?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Putin media mouthpieces; Far-right One America News Network said in a lawsuit that DirecTV's decision to no longer offer its channel is part of an "extremely well-funded political plan" to silence the network.

The lawsuit, filed this week in California's Superior Court in San Diego, accuses television provider DirecTV and its parent company AT&T of breach of contract, business anticipation interference and violations of the state's unfair competition law. At issue, in January, is the unexplained decision of DirectTV, which removed One America News Network, which has smuggled in conspiracy theories, from offering more than 330 channels.

"It is an action for the prevention of uncontrolled influence and power which
The defendants acted in an attempt to unlawfully destroy an independent, family-run business and to impede American television viewers' right to view news media channels and programs of their choice," read the lawsuit, which is based on the AT&T board. The president also targets William Kennard.

As Mother Jones reports, a leaked 12-page war memo titled "To the Media and Commentators" told Russian media that it was "necessary to use more segments of Carlson in their coverage because of his position on the war in Ukraine".

According to the media outlet, the memo said, Carlson "sharply criticized" the actions of the United States and NATO and their "negative role" in ending the conflict in Ukraine.

Insider's Mia Jankowicz reported that Carlson echoed many of Putin's observations during a Fox News segment prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a now-infamous speech, he asked the audience this question: "Why do Democrats want you to hate Putin?"

After the invasion, he changed his tune, saying that Putin was to blame. But, on Wednesday, Carlson embraced Russian propaganda, repeating a line put forth by the Russian Foreign Ministry, The Washington Post reported.

ABC News' chief Washington correspondent on Thursday accused Carlson of "almost a plagiarism" of Putin, saying the Fox News host copied him "almost word for word."

The lawsuit describes how OANN, launched on July 4, 2013, struck a deal with DirectTV to position itself as a competitor to right-wing Fox News. Since then, according to the lawsuit, OANN has "grown substantially" to the benefit of AT&T. The lawsuit states that as of 2021, a "substantial amount" of OANN's revenue came from its agreement with AT&T.

The lawsuit states that OANN's parent company Herring TK expected to renew the agreement with AT&T. According to the lawsuit, Herring entered into a favourable advertising agreement with AT&T.

Last year, Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation suit against OANN and other conservative political and media figures, claiming its vote-counting machines were part of a plan to rig the election in favour of President Joe Biden. She was

According to the lawsuit, AT&T came under pressure from organizations such as AT&T, the NAACP, Greenpeace and Media Matter for America, while facing increasing criticism for its affiliation with OANN. The lawsuit says Kennard and others met "leaders of liberal organizations" who wanted OANN to be removed. (Putin media mouthpieces)

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