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Police arrest artist Mudasir Gul for Palestine mural in Kashmir

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Why was he arrested? What has he done? Asks Muzamil Firdous

Ground Report | Srinagar: An artist who showed concern for the plight of the Palestinian people was arrested by Jammu and Kashmir police while making a pro-Palestinian mural, along with dozens of protesters who took to the streets in the Kashmir region.

The artist who was arrested is known as Mudasir Gul, 32 years old. The artist’s family, who lives in the main city of Srinagar, has accused the local government of censoring an artist’s freedom of expression.

“Why was he arrested? What has he done? Did the government ban art here?” Said Gul’s younger sister, Muzamil Firdous.

“When the whole world wakes up against Israeli atrocities, we can’t speak, we can’t practice art, what kind of democracy do we live in? Can we not express our sorrow for Palestine, “he continued.

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Mudassar Gul, who hails from Padshahi Bagh area of ​​Srinagar, has been detained under the Jammu and Kashmir Strict Public Safety Act.

Under this infamous law, anyone can be imprisoned for three months to two years without being formally prosecuted. However, such cases are reviewed from time to time by a committee set up by the government.

According to reports, while Mudassar was making the graffiti, a crowd gathered there chanting slogans against Israel and the United States.

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It is known that a number of Kashmiris took to the streets to voice their solidarity against Israel’s latest attack on Palestine last Friday, to be precise after Friday prayers in congregation.

However, the peaceful demonstration was met with the aggressive attitude of security forces in Kashmir. They moved quickly to stop protests in a region where anti-India sentiment remains high.

Among those arrested was a religious leader who was vocal about Palestine.

Police warns of unrest in Kashmir in the name of Palestine

In a statement issued in Srinagar on Saturday, Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police was keeping a close watch on elements who were trying to take advantage of the situation in Palestine to disrupt law and order in Kashmir. Strict legal action will be taken against such people.

Police are extremely sensitive to irresponsible social media comments that could lead to violence, he said.

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He said that the police was a professional force and was sensitive to the mental anguish faced by the people. But the Jammu and Kashmir Police also has a legal responsibility to ensure law and order. It cannot allow any attempt to incite violence, spread lawlessness and create chaos on the streets of Kashmir under the guise of public outrage.

Vijay Kumar added that there is freedom of expression but it is illegal to use violence on the streets and incite it.

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According to him, legal action will be taken against all those who make such irresponsible comments on social media, which in practice incite violence and violate the law, including the Corona Protocol.

Imam arrested for speaking in favor of Palestinians

Earlier on Saturday morning, police arrested Imam Sarjan Barkati, a preacher and preacher in the southern district of Shopian, from his home.

According to local sources, Barkati expressed solidarity with the Palestinians in a speech at a mosque in Shopian on Eid and prayed that Palestinian children and women would be safe from Israeli evils and barbarism.

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