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Panic in Kashmir: Non-locals leaving the valley

Panic in Kashmir: Non-locals leaving the valley
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Ground Report | New Delhi: Panic in Kashmir; After the killing of two labourers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kulgam, there is an atmosphere of panic here. Many laborers are leaving Kashmir and returning to their homes. The workers say that the situation in Kashmir is getting worse now. It is difficult to live here, so they are returning to their homes from here.

Panic in Kashmir

A migrant from Rajasthan said, ‘The situation is getting worse here. We are scared, we have kids with us and so we are going back to our hometowns.”

Ravinder Kumar, a carpenter from Bihar, left for home on Sunday morning. “We had decided to go by this time as Diwali is approaching and we want to celebrate it with our families back home. The local people have been very nice to us, but it is true that after the murder, we are all filled with fear. Gone are the two non-local street vendors and one carpenter.

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Terrorists have been killing non-Kashmiris since the first week of October. Due to the appalling situation, people are leaving the Kashmir Valley and moving towards Jammu. People from different regions of India residing in Kashmir as migrants are now boarding trains and going back to their home towns. These migrants are mostly from UP and Bihar.

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Amid the unabated killings, the Jammu and Kashmir Police has asked all its district chiefs in the Valley to collect the non-resident laborers and bring them to the nearest security camps “immediately”.

Murders continue

For the last two weeks, the killing of innocent people one after the other in Kashmir is going on. Three people were shot on Sunday, of whom two were killed, and the third was injured.

Both the people killed were residents of Bihar and were working as laborers in Kashmir. It is reported that terrorists opened fire on laborers in Wanpo and Kulgam on Sunday in which both of them died. With this, the number of people killed in Kashmir this month has gone up to 11.

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On Saturday, two people were shot, including a resident of Bihar, Arvind Kumar Sah, who used to sell golgappas there. Another person, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was shot. Sah was shot from very close range in Srinagar. Sagir Ahmed, who was killed in Pulwama, was a resident of Uttar Pradesh and was working as a carpenter there.

Of the 11 people who died this month, five are from other states while six are from Kashmir. These include people from both Hindu and Muslim religions. An official said that it seems that terrorists are committing such killings to drive people out of Kashmir.

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panic in the valley

Among the dead was Makhan Lal Bindoo, a well-known leader of the Kashmiri Pandit community and ran a pharmacy in Srinagar. Apart from this, a taxi driver Mohammad Shafi and two teachers Deepak Chand and Supunder Kaur were also shot dead. A laborer named Virendra Paswan was also shot. (Panic in Kashmir)

Due to these killings, there is an atmosphere of fear in Kashmir and many people have started leaving their homes. Dozens of people who had returned to the Valley under the Prime Minister’s special scheme for Kashmiri immigrants have now gone back. These include government employees as well.

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